About SherWeb

Our company

Over the years, SherWeb has become one of the most renowned and respected worldwide hosted services leaders in the cloud industry. First rated in customer care and technical support, the SherWeb team offers high quality Microsoft hosted services as well as solutions developed in house at the forefront of hosting technologies to more than 20,000 customers around the world spread out in over 100 countries.

Day after day, SherWeb's highly skilled employees are working in synergy to satisfy its constant-growing half a million-user base, making it a top North American hosting business in the providing of cloud computing hosted services.

What differentiates SherWeb from other providers beside its proven knowledge of the industry is its visionary thinking and meticulousness that made it possible to be one of the first to launch Hosted Exchange 2007 and one of the few to offer Hosted Exchange 2010 and SharePoint 2010 to this day.

Our vision

SherWeb's managers have naturally passed down to the staff the true belief that due efforts lead to beneficial outcomes. Nowadays, many facts validate that philosophy:
  • We manage more than half a million accounts on a daily basis.
  • We have conducted large-scale implementations and migrations from a variety of corporate email platforms.
  • We are operating a reseller program and an affiliate program, both with a dedicated account manager.
  • We invest significant amounts in research and development.
  • We arrange for our staff to get the latest IT training. We survey our clientele on a regular basis to ensure our solutions are tailored to their specific needs.

Our values

    At SherWeb, we are conscious that the resounding success we experience is largely owed to our customer-oriented efforts, thus:
  • SherWeb ensures the quality of its products by becoming partners with some of the industry's major players, such as Microsoft, BlackBerry (RIM) and CISCO.
  • SherWeb answers the needs of its diversified clientele by employing multilingual personnel and by offering documentation both in English and French.
  • SherWeb protects its customers' data by completing the SAS 70 audit and by building datacenters that comply on most points with the Uptime Institute Tier IV requirements.

Our commitment

SherWeb is committed to keep on developing the most competitive and performing hosting solutions for its customers. With innovation at the center of its global business strategy, SherWeb puts sustained efforts into adapting to the changing needs of its customers by deploying new technologies and services as rapidly as they evolve.


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