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4 Key End-User Requirements for SharePoint 2013

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What are the SharePoint end-users requirements?

With more and more businesses choosing SharePoint as their corporate web platform, a growing number of sys admins are finding themselves having to figure out how to make this platform meet the organization’s needs.

Whether you’re planning to deploy a basic out-of-the-box SharePoint environment or a highly customized solution that doubles (or triples) as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application or an advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, it’s important to start with the end-user requirements.

Here are four key end-user requirements for SharePoint 2013.

1. Office Web App Preview

SharePoint 2013 requires an xml format of Office, which means Office 2007 or later.

2. Co-authoring in SharePoint 2013

Co-authoring is one of SharePoint’s biggest strengths… and best-kept secrets. Few people know that with both SharePoint 2010 and 2013, two or more colleagues can work on the same document at the same time.

Co-authoring is an interesting subject that we’ll cover in a later blog. In the meantime, you can find more information here:

Co-authoring support

sharepoint 2013, sharepoint co-authoring, hardware and software requirements, system requirements, minimum requirements sharepoint

3. Browser support

With SharePoint 2013, Microsoft worked hard to add functionalities to support other browsers such as Chrome and Safari. However, because of existing limitations, we do not recommend using either of these browsers with SharePoint. Firefox is more similar to Internet Explorer and is therefore a better choice. But for optimal compatibility, we recommend working with Internet Explorer, as this will give you access to all features.
Internet Explorer 7 is fine with SharePoint 2010 compatibility mode, but not in general with SharePoint 2013.

Browser Support for SharePoint 2013

sharepoint 2013, sharepoint co-authoring, hardware and software requirements, system requirements, minimum requirements sharepoint

4. ActiveX controls

Certain features in SharePoint 2013 require ActiveX controls. In secure environments, these controls must be able to work on client computers before their features will function. Currently, only 32-bit versions of Internet Explorer support this functionality. All other browsers, including the 64-bit versions of Internet Explorer, will have certain limitations.

For example, only the following ActiveX controls work with 64-bit browsers:

ppslax.dll: Opens .pptx presentations from a slide library or publishes individual slides to a slide library
Name.dll: Lync presence information

Our recommendation: If Microsoft technologies are evolving faster than your business can handle, you may want to skip a release (move from SharePoint 2003 to SharePoint 2010, or from 2007 to SharePoint 2013). We also strongly suggest that when you implement a new Microsoft productivity suite, you move all the tools—OS, browser, SharePoint, Exchange, Lync, Office, etc. for optimal integration.

Upgrading or migrating to SharePoint is rarely a cut-and-dry process. Before you do, assess your needs carefully. If you need help, SherWeb’s SharePoint experts can help you get the SharePoint environment that best meets your existing and future needs.

Was it worth the skip?

Did you jump from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2013? Would you recommend it to others?

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