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JP Mercier

A look back at 2012 in IT

We know how much people crave end-of-the-year recaps, so we thought we’d treat you with our very own review of the 2012 year in the IT World.

A dynamic month-by-month review of the biggest news, compatible with mobile phone and easily sharable with friends; our review is the perfect occasion to remind us what a busy year 2012 was.


So share it with friends and family, and let’s settle what THE biggest news in IT for 2012 was.

What’s your opinion? Did we miss any major events?

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JP Mercier

About JP Mercier

JP is SherWeb’s community manager. He has been working for IT companies since 2010, in both the software and cloud computing industry. JP has a degree in communication and specializes in online marketing. As a good Canadian, he is (overly) polite and loves hockey.

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