Choosing the Best Office 365 Plan
Frederic Charest

How to Customize Fields in Dynamics 365 Like a Pro

While Dynamics has loads of customizations and configurations that I can’t cover in one blog post, I’m going to focus on the field level customizations and how Dynamics 365 can cover my business process from A-Z without external systems. [+]

Developer . Domain-Driven Design
Domain-Driven Design: Is it Ideal for Your Development Project?
Maxime Forest

Domain-Driven Design: Is it Ideal for Your Development Project?

Cumulus, SherWeb’s one-stop shop platform for provisioning cloud services, was designed with Domain-Driven Design (DDD) in mind in early 2012. Throughout the years, we’ve been able to identify both the benefits and the pitfalls of using DDD. The goal of this new blog series is to share our field experience and help you determine if Domain-Driven Design is ideal for your current or next project. [+]

Developer . git . TFS
Guy Lépine

How We Moved from TFS to git – Part 3: Owning git (cont’d)

Since a team can work with various repositories hosted on the same server, the following question comes to mind : how many repositories do we create? Once again, the answer came from our CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery/deployment) implementation: one repository per pipeline. [+]

Dynamics 365 . Dynamics CRM
Daniel Burla

Common Data Model in Dynamics 365 Demystified

With the announcement of the Microsoft 365 launch and merging the AX, CRM, and other Dynamics product lines into one that uses the common data model (CDM), the Microsoft developer community and users faced considerable curiosity, excitement, and the “fear of the unknown” at the same time. [+]

delivery . development . production
sherweb news
Pascal Martin

How SherWeb’s Dev Team Improved Production Delivery

We can say with certainty that all software development companies have encountered challenges related to management and release of new software versions. No matter the company stage, these challenges affect all types of environments: testing, quality assessment and production. [+]

Developer . git . TFS
Guy Lépine

How We Moved from TFS to git – Part 2: Owning git

There are two new key concepts to absorb. Hasty learners who do not take the time to assimilate them will be left behind. Introducing git is not the purpose of this post. Rather, we will map git concepts to TFS concepts. [+]

Angular . Developer . ng2-materialize
Nicolas Charpentier

Introducing ng2-materialize for Angular

In the Web community, developers tend to use technologies that use Web Components like Angular and React. However, UI libraries are not always composed or wrapped into components. At SherWeb, we’ve been using and re-using many components and UI libraries. So, we decided to create our own wrap of the library we use the most across our applications. [+]

Developer . git . TFS
Guy Lépine

How We Moved from TFS to git – Part 4: Migration Plan

Once the department's key players were convinced migration to git was a must, we had to get it done. The following steps were taken in order to successfully migrate our code base. [+]

Developer . git . TFS
Guy Lépine

A New Dev Series: How We Moved from MS Team Foundation Server to git

From the start of the integration of continuous integration and delivery, TFVC has not delivered in terms of branching, tagging and team collaboration. With new developers joining our team with diverse experience in using git and migrating from TFVC to git a choice needed to be made. The department decided on git and nobody misses TFVC. [+]

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