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Frederic Charest

7 Strategies to Increase User Adoption for Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a rapidly growing application; new features and enhancements are constantly added to increase the usability of the application. However, a large number of clients who use it as the CRM system in their company later return to other Microsoft partners to reimplement the CRM system, or sometimes they decide to stop using it entirely, because of the lack of usable implementation. [+]

Yves Landry

Ray Tomlinson created the email… and it became a line of business

Email is core to what SherWeb is. Through our Hosted Exchange and Office 365 offerings, it’s safe to say we would not be the company we are today without email. It is therefore important for us to pay tribute to the inventor of email, Ray Tomlinson, who’ve just passed away. [+]

Patrick Simoneau

4 Foolproof Tips for Getting the Job You Want

Did you know that today’s workers will probably change jobs about 5 to 10 times during your career? This means you’ll be sending out lots of CVs and preparing for lots of interviews. Do you have a plan? Looking for work requires persistence and solid preparation. So, how can you land that dream job? What can you do to set yourself apart from all the other candidates and make sure your CV grabs the recruiter’s attention? We’re about to show you how. [+]

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Become a Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV Partner
Mathieu Leblanc

How to Become a Dynamics NAV, AX or GP Partner (ERP)

Have your customers been asking you about Dynamics 365? If not, they should be. Allied Market Research has predicted that the worldwide market for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software will increase to $41.6 billion in 2020, a significant jump from the $25.4 billion originally forecasted three years ago. [+]

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Denis Brassard

SherWeb broke its own NP Score record

Something great happened at SherWeb during 2015! The Technical Support team got an NP Score (Net Promoter) of 84, far above the company average (70) and the the industry average (20) ! The same month, the overall customer satisfaction about the company was rated at 82.5. These are tremendous numbers ! [+]

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Photo of employees
Veronique Bibeau

International Hiring Program: Employee profile 1 year later!

Loic was hired by SherWeb last year as part of the international recruiting program in Paris and Brussels. He’ll be celebrating his first-year anniversary with us on July 21. He’s agreed to share his experiences as well as the results his first year at SherWeb. [+]

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Banner CRMOL-for-Sales
Mathieu Leblanc

How to Become a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

Have your customers been asking you about Dynamics 365? If not, they should be. This Microsoft solution is designed to help small business owners simplify their financial, sales and marketing tasks. Gartner has predicted that the worldwide market for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools will increase to $36.5 billion in 2017 [+]

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Office 365 Euro 1-Tier
Jason Brown

SherWeb now reselling Office 365 in Europe

Canada, the U.S. and now Europe. Are you one of the millions of consumers and small business owners who are clamoring to get their hands on the latest version of Office 365? Do you call Europe home? Well, we’ve got good news for you. SherWeb has just been given the green light to sell Office 365 in Europe. [+]

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Veronique Bibeau

Working in Sherbrooke: an attractive new road to success

Starting a new job can be a little scary. There’s a good share of the unknown: new people, new procedures and new habits. More often than not, those obstacles are short-lived and nothing to be afraid of. At times, starting a new job also means moving to a new city and that can be a bit more intimidating!  [+]

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