Office 365 . Outlook
Outlook Shared Mailboxes: How to Use and Configure Them
Nicolas Bouchard

Outlook Shared Mailboxes: How to Use and Configure Them (and Resolve Synchronization Issues)

Shared mailboxes are widely used. They permit performing a wide range of coordinated activities with a team. Essentially, a shared mailbox acts as a centralized service allowing many people to work in a synchronized manner.  [+]

CRM . Dynamics 365 . Exception Handling . Operations
How to Set up OneDrive for Business for All Your Tenants
Daniel Burla

Exception Handling in Dynamics 365 for Operations

When we write code or make customizations to Dynamics 365 for Operation, which uses X++, we should make use of exception handling to provide some context for the message or a different, more useful message. In this article, I will explore how to develop a uniform way to catch the multiple types of exception that can be raised in X++. [+]

CSP Program . End of Advisor Program . Office 365
Microsoft 365: 7 Things You Need to Know
Nicolas Bouchard

How to Use Data Loss Prevention in Office 365

Data Loss Prevention helps businesses follow industry regulations and protect sensitive information. It also prevents inadvertent disclosure. Sensitive information that you need to prevent leaking outside your organization includes financial data, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, or health records. With a DLP policy, you can identify, track, and protect sensitive information across Office 365. [+]

Office 365 . SharePoint
7 Security Features in SharePoint Online to Keep Your Data Safe
Nicolas Bouchard

7 Security Features in SharePoint Online to Keep Your Data Safe

Security is always a concern because SharePoint Online needs to keep confidential files safe, so it raises many security and compliance-based questions. In this article we will be sharing some rich security and compliance features with you; some are already in place and others can be configured by you with only a few clicks. We hope this will boost your confidence in this product. [+]

Case Routing . CRM . Dynamics 365
Setting Up Office 365 Connector for Mail Flow
Daniel Burla

How Case Routing Works in Dynamics 365

Customer service is very important in every organization because there is always a need to attend to inquiries and resolve issues relating to customers. In Dynamics 365, we have a case entity, whereby a new case is created for every customer with a unique ID assigned to each case and all actions taken on the case, such as phone calls and emails, are tracked and saved. [+]

CRM . Discrete Manufacturing . Dynamics 365 . Dynamics 365 Operations
Daniel Burla

Basic Set Up For Discrete Manufacturing in Dynamics 365 For Operation (Part 1)

In sequential order of Manufacturing scope (a process that is also known as the production life cycle), we have Discrete Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, Process, the Manufacturing Execution features (once known as shop floor control), and Master Planning. Additionally, we also have Mixed mode planning. It combines discrete, process, and lean sourcing and you can model your supply chain based on the material flow. [+]

Office 365
How to use eDiscovery within Office 365: 5 Steps You Need to Follow
Nicolas Bouchard

How to use eDiscovery within Office 365: 5 Steps You Need to Follow

Office 365 provides eDiscovery capabilities within the Security and Compliance Center. To utilize these components there are 5 core steps that you need to follow. [+]

End of Advisor Program . Office 365 . resell Office 365
What is Office 365 Secure Score? (And How to Use it)
Simon Langlois

What is Office 365 Secure Score? (And How to Use it)

Office 365 Secure Score is a security analytics tool that gives better visibility of your security configuration and the security features available. It applies a numerical score to custom security that outlines the action that can be taken to improve that configuration and can improve the security posture of an organisation and lessen the chances of being hacked or suffering from a data breach. [+]

Application Development . CRM . Dynamics 365
Daniel Burla

Rapid Application Development on Dynamics 365

Business applications typically model and track connections between various types of business data (people, places, processes, and things). To meet requirements for business applications, as a developer, I need to have a framework that provides the agility and flexibility to rapidly adapt to changes and get user acceptance and adoption. [+]

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