Did you know there are more than 60 million people around the world who use Office 365 at work every day? That’s one hot market and a great opportunity for an Office 365 reseller like you. But competition is tough and you’re probably wondering what you should do to tap into the cloud solutions market.

Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program

Microsoft has launched a program that can help you make more money and be more independent to resell Office 365. It’s called the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. SherWeb has partnered with Microsoft through the CSP to help you get a foothold in this market and be more successful with Office 365.


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If you’re a Managed Service Provider or a Value-Added Reseller,  you might be wondering how the CSP program works. Here’s a list of frequently asked questions that should help you out.


How to Become an Office 365 Reseller: 8 Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why Should I Resell Office 365 Through The CSP?

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program is a catalyst for resellers. If you’ve been trying to resell Office 365 through the usual Microsoft Open and Microsoft Advisor programs, you might have noticed how difficult it is to control the customer relationship. You might have felt frustrated because you couldn’t offer flexible billing or package Office 365 with your own solutions. This is no longer a problem. The CSP program offers more flexibility when it comes to packaging Office 365 with your other offers. And, you can bill your customers any way you want.


Sign Up for SherWeb Indirect CSP Partner Program:

  1. Download our Partner Infokit
  2. Sign up for Partners First, our partner program
  3. Login to Cumulus, our customized partner portal
  4. Sign up your first customer


2) Who Owns The Customer Relationship?

You do. Offering Office 365 through the Cloud Solution Provider program means the customer relationship is yours to manage. There’s no middleman. You take care of the billing and support plus you won’t have to deal with Microsoft. You know your customers so they deal only with you. Unless you prefer that SherWeb support them. Our name will appear in your business dealings only if you want it to. By managing your customers, you become more involved in their business, you strengthen your brand and encourage customer referrals.


3) What Is The Provisioning Process?

Provisioning is made easy through our Cumulus web portal.

Cumulus Dashboard

You can add as many solutions as you want for a single customer and enter the number of seats and resources you want, all with the click of one button! Office 365 is automatically provisioned for your client by Microsoft from the Cumulus portal, thanks to a special integration feature built by our developers. No need for multiple accounts. You can upscale and downscale your resources as you need to. This gives you more time to focus on developing your business plan.


4) Can I Bundle Other Products Within My Office 365 Offer?

You can bundle Office 365 with other solutions from both SherWeb and Microsoft directly. For example, you can add Online Backup and email encryption with your Office 365 offer for a customer in Cumulus. Microsoft has a multi-channel management tool that allows partners to add Office 365 for the same customer.


5) Will I Still Be Recognized By Microsoft When I Sell Office 365 Through SherWeb?

If you already have a Microsoft Partner Network ID because you’ve sold Microsoft products through other programs, you will be recognized if you sell these products through SherWeb. Just fill in the related field during the customer provisioning. Once that’s done, you can start to benefit from the Cloud Solution Provider program right away.


6) How Can I Bring My Customers From The Advisor Model To This New Program?

If you have Office 365 customers in other Microsoft reseller programs, such as Open and Advisor, we can offer you a seamless transfer thanks to a new multi-channel feature. No need to create a new tenant or do a full migration for each conversion. The process is so streamlined that the end customer won’t notice it. There is no downtime. What your client will get is SherWeb’s support and expertise immediately after the transfer.


7) What Are The Plans And Pricing?

Because you have the freedom to bundle Office 365 with other solutions, you set the prices with the margins you want. SherWeb offers the same SKUs as Microsoft so you can decide which plans and how many seats you want to sell.

Open Licence vs Advisor vs CSP


8) Can I Be a Certified CSP Partner With Microsoft Too?

Microsoft limits the number of Cloud Solution Provider partners allowed in the program. To be eligible as a Direct CSP Partner, you must have a track record of providing technical support 24/7/365  to handle all Office 365 requests from customers. You’d also have to provide regular monthly billing to your customers and must be enrolled in at least one Gold Productivity competency from Microsoft. The CSP partner must also sell a minimum of 5000 new seats each year. If you’re a middle or a small business, it can be a huge challenge. That’s why SherWeb is here to help Office 365 resellers like you.


Bonus: Put An End To The Struggle Of Managing Multiple Solutions With Microsoft 365

How much time do you waste every day dealing with multiple sign-ins to get your work done? What if you could access the most important tools with just one click? Microsoft bundled the best features from Office 365 and Windows 10 with cross-device security to create Microsoft 365, the most innovative, intelligent, and secure solution on the market. This bundle includes everything you need to stay empowered, creative, and productive, all with just a single monthly subscription.

Did we answer all your questions about reselling Office 365 with SherWeb? Still looking for more answers about reseller programs? Download the eBook below for more information about the partner programs offered by SherWeb and Microsoft.



Written by Jason Brown Employee @ SherWeb

Jason is SherWeb’s VP of Products. He is a Product and Marketing executive with 15+ years of experience in the SMB online services industry. With a BA in Business Marketing from Griffith University, Australia, he offers an extensive background in all aspects of Product, Marketing and IT Operations Management.