Each year, channel partners gather at SherWeb’s annual cloud summit to learn from renowned industry experts.  As a result of positive feedback and high turnout, the MSP MasterClass online sessions were born. This great MasterClass is offered FREE, and on-demand, to any MSP or VAR who wants to be more successful reselling cloud services. Here’s your chance to learn more about sales & marketing and growing your business in the cloud!

Brand new 2018 workshops now available! Watch them (and the 2017 sessions) here!

MSP MasterClass: 2017 Workshops

These 5 different workshops give you a complete view of the best practices in sales and marketing. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Sales – The Cloud Financial Impact (Where the Money Really Is)

Dana WillmerThe first session is given by Dana Willmer, Principal at CloudSpeed.

After 20 years in senior management and consulting roles, Dana has developed solid strategic and analytic skills. He has built a reputation for delivering results and demonstrated an ability to think both inside and outside the box. Dana has an extensive knowledge of the software industry and the Dynamics’ Partner ecosystem. He has been a driving force behind the move many Microsoft Partners are making toward cloud computing. Dana has written several publications and financial models to ensure partners get “the right things right.” Dana’s work has been consistently regarded as best in class by Microsoft Executives, Partners and industry analysts.

In this session, Dana focuses on the cloud market and growth rates, compared with more traditional IT.

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2. Sales – The Criticality of Packaged Offers

Dana WillmerIn this hour-long session, Dana Willmer focuses on sales and the importance of packaged offers for MSPs.

In his second session, he looks at how partners must have packaged business outcomes to sell and not just rely on technology. Other topics include how to build packaged offers and set yourself apart from the competition and make more profits.

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3. Marketing is the New Sales – Building Your Marketing Muscle

Sharka ChobotThis third session, which focuses on marketing, is given by Sharka Chobot, Chief Transformation Officer at Neural Impact.

Over the past year, Sharka has been actively involved in the Microsoft Industry Partner Program (IPP) helping Dynamics partners around the world transform their businesses to the cloud. Neural Impact applies behavioral economics, neuroscience and persuasion psychology to help Microsoft Dynamics partners increase the emotional engagement of their digital marketing. They also focus on accelerating cloud product development and optimizing go-to-market strategies.

In her session, she explains why MSPs need to develop core marketing capabilities to acquire cloud customers. You’ll learn why it’s important to develop a unique value proposition in the cloud market.

Read an excerpt of Sharka’s session

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4. Marketing – Accelerating the Cloud Buying Process – Adjusting to Buyer 2.0

Tmark-stuythis fourth session is presented by Mark Stuyt, Founder and Chief Engagement Officer at Neural Impact.

Mark has been involved in Microsoft cloud transformation efforts for more than seven years. He acted as a facilitator and content provider for the Global Road to Repeatability (GR2R), Cloud SureStep and Industry Partner (IPP) programs. Neural Impact uses behavioral economics, neuroscience and persuasion psychology to help Microsoft and its partners improve their relationships with their customers and improve their cloud strategies.

In his session, Mark reviews the primary differences between a traditional face-to-face selling process and an accelerated approach that is done remotely. He also reviews proven cloud selling tactics that consistently lead to 50% win rates.

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5. Trends in Managed Services

This last session, given by technology futurist Ian Khan, focuses on the benefits and challenges of adopting cloud computing.Ian Khan

Ian Khan is a TEDx Speaker & Technology Author and has published several books, including Cloud Wars, The Internet of Things & the Future of Innovation and Make Me Like You. Ian is a frequent contributor to industry publications, including McGraw Hill Education, Huffington Post, & TechVibes. He also speaks at many industry events throughout the year and recently participated in Cloud Expo, BigData TechCon and Big Data Expo.

In this market intelligence session, you’ll learn about the benefits and challenges in adopting cloud computing, Ian will also tell you what to focus on when speaking with customers and how to overcome customers’ objections to cloud computing.

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SherWeb has designed this MSP MasterClass to enable you to be more efficient and reach your full potential. We want you to be successful, so we’re offering you the best tips that the sales and marketing industry gurus have to offer. And it’s free!

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Written by Jade Bérubé Morin Content Marketing Specialist @ SherWeb

Jade is a Content Marketing specialist with an unbridled passion for her work. She graduated from l’Université de Sherbrooke in Communications and has worked as a Communications Advisor for marketing agencies and private companies for the last 5 years. When she’s not pouring over the latest marketing trends, Jade can be found honing her grand jeté in ballet class. She has studied ballet for more than 20 years.