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How The Occupy Movement is Unfolding Online (Infographic)

Occupy Wall Street lives in the streets, but it was born on the Internet. The NYC camp has its own wi-fi and it’s a popular topic of conversation on Twitter, Facebook and other online channels.

Learn about the ways OWS is occupying the Internet.

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Adbusters, a Canadian anti-corporate group, first tweeted the hashtag #occupywallstreet on July 4 of this year.

Just over a week later, they expanded on the idea in a blog post asking for protests–led and decided by the people.

Most of the conversation about OWS is happening on Twitter–82.5% of mentions take place there.

The runner-up is blogs, with 12.6% of the coverage.

Even smaller than that is Facebook at 2.8%.

@OccupyWallSt began the same day as the blog post, and now has over 107,000 followers.

The main Facebook page has over 311,000 likes.

On September 17, the designated day of protests in New York City, there were 18,817 tweets with the #occupywallstreet hashtag–that week saw 2004% more tweets with the hashtag than the previous week.

Between October 3 and November 8, the Occupy Seattle Facebook page increased its “likes” by 500%.

Occupy San Francisco grew by 310%, and Occupy Wall Street grew 163%.

Since blogs are such a big part of the mentions about the movement, what’s the general opinion?

Between September 17 (protest day) and October 25, 46% of blog posts mentioning Occupy Wall Street were in support of the movement. 35% of the posts were against OWS, and 18% were neutral.

Occupy Wall Street was the #3 most covered story on all blogs.

On YouTube, Anonymous posted a video supporting Occupy.

Protesters have used YouTube to share videos of police confrontations and the movement on the street.

There are over 10,600 YouTube videos about Occupy, and the one with the most views has nearly 3 million.

The internet has gained a few websites in solidarity with OWS, including the Move Your Money Project (anti-big banks) and Occupationalist (covering worldwide protests).

Here is a conversation you wouldn’t see on a hosted SharePoint discussion board… In a badly-timed outreach stunt, the New York Stock Exchange declared November 4 to be social media day.

The tweets from NYSE folks were optimistic, but OWS protesters soon retaliated.

They latched on to the #NYSESMD hashtag and tweeted sarcastic, antagonistic remarks against “the 1%.”

“It’s really creepy how NYSE ignores people on their hashtag,” one user tweets. “Maybe they’re afraid we’re going to ask for a quarter.”

The Occupy protests are still going strong. Only time will tell how long the 99% will keep their voices and fists raised.

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