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Making Life Simpler with Hosted Mobility

Exchange hosting offers businesses access to email applications, task management applications, calendaring applications, document repositories and address lists. Nearly, 10 million users take advantage of hosted exchange worldwide and now, taking Exchange with you on-the-go is easy with hosted mobility. 

iPhone 4G and iOS5 with Exchange 2010

With Sherweb’s real-time wireless synchronization, iPhone 4G clients can manage their Microsoft Exchange mailbox with ActiveSync. The three email clients Gmail, Yahoo and MSN can be managed at once with this app! All incoming email may be viewed from an account in one inbox. The synching process occurs automatically.

Clients may also host long email conversations and follow easily with Exchange 2010. The messages are organized in the order of receipt. The most recent message will be viewed at the top. Exchange 2010 manages email similar to or better than Microsoft Outlook. Email conversations may be managed directly from the phone.

The system is easy to set up and also easy to employ. Some expertise is required to deploy the system, but SherWeb offers access to technical support staff and are available round the clock to help companies resolve problems without having a full time network administrator on staff.

The Benefits of Hosted Mobility for Hosted Exchange

Wireless Synchronization of Applications. Applications may be synched easily on mobile phones such as iPhone, Blackberry and Android. Users may synchronize mobile email applications, folders, tasks, calendars and contacts with desktop and laptop applications. Real time ActiveSync synchronization makes synching data between devices easy.

Encrypted Technology. Encryption technology protects user data from being detected by other prying eyes during transmission. Applications may be synched without being concerned about a breach in the data.

Lower Costs. Hosted Exchange is typically less expensive to deploy and operate than other email and organizing solutions. The costs are lowered with increasing number of subscriptions. For example, companies may secure 100 subscriberships for $40 each, while 1000 subscriberships may cost $24 each. Licensing costs are typically included in the costs of this service.

The costs are more predictable with hosted Exchange than with internally hosted deployments. With hosted exchange, companies may better address problems such as natural disasters, power outages and other untimely events. Organizations may also expand as needed rather than predict the number of subscriptions that will be required.

Saves Time. Hosted mobility for hosted Exchange allows IT members to save time. They do not have to constantly monitor servers to ensure continuous uptime. This allows them to focus their energies on projects that are essential and more productive for the business.


Hosted mobility for hosted Exchange makes businesses operate more efficiently while working away from the office. These applications may be hosted easily on a mobile device to ensure productivity regardless of location. Consider integrating a hosted Exchange solution for your office.

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