Dynamics 365 . Security . Workflow Scope
Choosing the Best Office 365 Plan
Mariya Zinchenko

Workflow Scope and Security in Dynamics 365

When creating an automatic workflow in Dynamics CRM/365, it is very important to specify the scope of the process. This is to ensure that only exact records that are affected when the workflow is triggered. The best time to define the scope of your workflow is during the design phase before moving on to creating the workflow. [+]

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Four Questions You Should Ask Every Cloud Provider
Sarah Busque

4 Questions You Should Ask About a Cloud Provider’s Infrastructure and Security

Assessing cloud providers can be hard. With many of them promising the moon when they can’t offer it, it’s normal to be skeptical. Plus, there is the lingo. How can you be assured their claims are true when you don’t understand the acronyms and different certifications that make a provider reliable? [+]

Password Security

Defeating Password Attacks Using Public Key Authentication

Most servers rely on a shared secret (password) that should only be known by the user and the server he or she authenticates to. The authentication is considered successful if the password received from the user is the same as the one stored on the server. The confidentiality of the secret is therefore critical. [+]

Cloud Computing . Security
JP Mercier

Your Data In The Cloud — Is Security An Issue?

sherweb news
JP Mercier

Why You Should Care About SAS 70 Type II Certification

Office 365 . Security
Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite: 3 Features to Protect your Office 365 Tenants
Nicolas Bouchard

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite: 3 Features to Protect Your Office 365 Tenants

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) was designed to help manage and protect users, devices, apps, and data. This integrated suite of products enables companies to manage who has access to corporate resources, while protecting and securing business and customer information on all devices, anywhere, in real-time.  [+]

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Goodbye 1024 bit encryption (Firefox)
Yves Landry

Mozilla Takes Web Browsing Security to a New Level

Mozilla just released version 36 of its popular web browser Firefox. This new release introduces an important change. Some weak security certificates are no longer trusted by the browser. Why is this of interest? Well it’ll change web browsing for over 20% of web users. That’s one in five! [+]

Heartbleed Bug

Heartbleed Vulnerability – Here’s What You Need to Know

We feel that it’s important to reassure our customers of SherWeb’s handling of this new vulnerability discovery.  [+]

Mobility . Security
sherweb news
Security . Web Hosting
sherweb news

Are You Safe? What To Look For in Web Hosting Security

It is vitally important to make sure that the web hosting provider you are looking for has security features and damage control options that are right for your needs. [+]

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Office 365 Security: 6 Genuine Concerns (And How to Address Them)
Simon Langlois

Office 365 Security: 6 Genuine Concerns (And How to Address Them)

It's not just large enterprises that are concerned about these questions. Small companies are increasingly more interested in finding solutions to problems regarding data that were not significant or not relevant to their line of business a few years ago.  [+]

BYOD . Security

Mobile Device Management – Bridging the gap between security and productivity

In order to make the idea of using personal devices in the workplace a reality, companies must manage them as they would any other company asset. The question then becomes: how to reconcile this with IT security concerns of the organization’s infrastructure and information? [+]

Online Backup . Security
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JP Mercier

SkyNox Online Backup’s Premium Security Features

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Hosted Exchange . Security
sherweb news

Is Hosted Exchange really secure?

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