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The Inside Scoop on SkyOffice – SherWeb’s comprehensive Microsoft Office 365 solution (Part 2 of 2)

Our recently-launched SkyOffice is gearing up to be a major game-changer for small and mid-sized businesses looking to profit from the many advantages of cloud-based computing.

Last week, we sat down with Rima Hatoum, SherWeb’s SkyOffice Product Manager and guru to cut through the marketing lingo and get right down to the nuts & bolts that make SkyOffice such an interesting option for SMBs struggling to compete with limited resources and budgets.

Today, Rima talks about the SkyOffice plans and system requirements in more detail.

Q: Last time we talked about how SkyOffice is not a standalone product, but a complete business solution that bundles all the different hosted email and collaboration tools businesses need to be more productive and competitive. How does it allow different businesses, with different needs, do just that?

RH:SherWeb has been in the hosted services industry for over 10 years. We know that no two businesses have the same needs and a one-size-fits-all plan won’t cut it. With SkyOffice, we developed four basic plans that roughly “fit” specific business profiles and then included a list of additional features that customers can pick and choose to build a specific solution that best meets their needs. Customers can even add certain additional features for only some of their users, without having to buy them for the entire organization.

Q: Can you tell us more about the specific plans?

RH:We developed four different SkyOffice plans (Standard, Professional, Business and Enterprise) to address the needs of different organizations. The Standard plan can be for entire organizations or for only specific departments that require basic email and calendar sharing functions, and whose users are not sitting in front of a desk all day. Our Professional plan starts to include shared resources such as a resource mailbox, a SharePoint site for collaboration, and Lync for unified communication. It also offers more storage space. The SkyOffice Business plan is designed for larger organizations that require more security features and customized support. This plan also includes a Technical Service Manager who works closely with the organization’s IT manager. Finally, the SkyOffice Enterprise plan caters to large enterprises that need to adhere to certain compliancy regulations and that require more extensive communication and collaboration needs. Organizations subscribing to our Enterprise Plan get all the features found in the Business plan as well as a dedicated Executive Account Manager, who works with them to ensure that their needs are being met in a timely fashion

Q: How exactly do customers build a customized plan?

RH:It can all be done on our website with just a few clicks, or our sales team can help by email, chat or phone. The entire process usually takes just a few minutes.

Q: What if a customer wants to add or remove features for some of their users afterwards?

RH:That can be done at any time through our Online Service Management Portal and Online Billing Portal. In just a few clicks you can perform different administrative functions such as add or delete users, change permissions, grant access rights and reallocate disk space. What’s more, our interface is very intuitive and simple; you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to manage accounts.

Q: What are the minimum system requirements for SkyOffice?

RH:The vast majority of businesses are able to run SkyOffice without having to make any changes to their existing infrastructure. Users need to have at least Windows XP with SP2 or Mac OS X, and an ISDN line. To run the ActiveSync or BlackBerry Synchronization features on a mobile device, users only need to have a data plan with their carrier.

Q: Any last points?

RH:People are often surprised by how much more productive and simple it is to communicate and collaborate with a cloud-based solution like SkyOffice. I encourage all businesses that are not working as efficiently as they could be to try it. Our MIDAS migration service will ensure there is no loss in productivity during integration and deployment, and our 30-day money-back guarantee lets you change your mind if it isn’t right for your business. But having said that, SkyOffice users are usually very pleased with what it can do.

Q: Thanks Rima.

RH:You’re welcome! Our SkyOffice page has more information and SherWeb’s customer reps are also always available to answer questions.

You have the final word. Tell us why your business hasn’t made the switch to cloud-based computing.

*Update 7 Oct 2014: SkyOffice now goes by a new name. Details

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