Being bombarded with spam can be a real nuisance and in a business setting you want to be extra careful about ensuring the safety of your emails. There are different types of anti-spam filtering software available depending on your particular needs. Spam filter software should be: 1) easy to customize (the program should allow you to tweak settings and create ones of your own) 2) offer a wide range of features 3) easy to install 4) reliable (the program should be stable and consistent).

Sherweb for instance, is one of the few hosting providers to include advanced protection free of charge with every hosted exchange mailbox. Sherweb protects its clients with its free anti-spam and antivirus technology that combines MailChannels Traffic Control with Cloudmark intelligent content filtering technology. Traffic Control reduces spam at the connection layer by up to 98%. Traffic Control also stops spam based on the reputation of email senders, rather than the content of messages. The Cloudmark spam detection engine is also quite innovative in that it relies on the collective intelligence of 180 million reporting sources from the Cloudmark Global Threat Network. This provides an extremely rapid response to new and mutating threats.

Here are some top reviewed anti-spam programs that will ensure the best protection against unwanted SPAM.


SPAMfighter ranked #1 out of 10 spam filter products which were reviewed and compared on Top Ten Reviews. A community-based spam filter allows users to blacklist or whitelist incoming emails. This means that if a particular email address or domain is blacklisted by a certain number of members of the SPAM fighting community, it will be banned forever. Some highlights of this software include protection against phishing, identity theft and other types of email fraud, protection of all the email accounts on your PC as well as recognition of spam sent as pictures.

CA Anti-Spam Software

CA Anti-Spam software, (former Qurb Anti-Spam software, which won PC Magazine Editor’s Choice for three years running), works immediately upon installation following a quick download. CA Anti-Spam automatically builds your whitelist of approved senders by scanning your saved/sent email and has tight integration with Outlook and Outlook Express. You can download the free 15 day trial and if you are happy with the software you can buy it for $29.99.

Email Remover

Email Remover connects to your ISP and retrieves mail header information (sender, subject, date, etc…) letting you pick mail you don’t want to receive and deleting it from the mail server. It will optionally run your regular email client when it’s done so that you can transfer and read the mail you do want. Best of all, it’s free.

Cloudmark Desktop

Though mentioned briefly at the beginning, Cloudmark is specifically for Outlook / Outlook Express users, and relies on the collective opinion of over one million+ users. Cloudmark will inconspicuously work away removing unwanted mail from your Inbox. One of the best features about this product is that it will never delete your genuine personal mail by incorrectly classifying it as spam. The Cloudmark networking approach catches phishing hoaxes as well as spam.


With ChoiceMail you can accept and reject emails by domain, IP address, or block email from known spam senders. ChoiceMail assumes everything is spam until you grant permission to let it through. You may find the setup process a little long and tedious at first. Once you’re done however, you will find that this is a worthwhile tool. ChoiceMail has some built-in rules but also allows you to create your own. Overall, the program does an excellent job controlling spam using a permission-based method. This product costs $29.95.

Written by Sherweb Employee @ SherWeb