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Ways Bing is Better Than Google, How Will Blekko Fare?

The search engine wars continue and now we have at the frontline. In a digital world dominated by Google users, may become a force to be reckoned with, namely with its unique “slashtags” feature which promises the most relevant of searches yet. For instance, if you type in global warming/liberal you will get a list of all the most relevant liberal sites which talk about global warming. As a blogger, I think this will help a lot in research, narrowing results, and eliminating all the spam sites that rank based only on keywords. But like other search engines before it, Blekko doesn’t aim to kill Google.

search engine wars, bing vs google

Bing never aimed to kill Google either. In a Time’s article Microsoft claimed Bing isn’t even a search engine, it’s a “decision engine”. The insinuation I suppose is that Bing aggregates stronger, relevant results? Either way people still Google and I believe people will be Googling for a long time. But that doesn’t mean that people can’t use other search engines for specific queries.

The following is a list of ways that Bing outdoes Google. A Blekko comparison will be coming soon…

Bing Video

bing video
Bing Video gives you a far greater variety of video options than Google does. Bing aggregates videos from Dailymotion, Vimeo, MySpace, Hulu (and of course YouTube and Google) whereas Google searches mostly generate YouTube and Google videos. Bing’s video results page is also much sleeker and one of the features I love is that when you mouse over a video’s thumbnail, a preview of the video begins to play.

Bing Maps AVI

bing maps
One of the cool features of Bing Maps is that the Silverlight-enhanced version includes apps for finding gas stations, parking, and much more. It also provides more alternate routes than Google.

Bing Travel

bing travel
Bing Travel is the first airfare prediction website- the only website to offer predictions on when is the best time to purchase airline tickets. BT uses Farecast technology to analyze more than 175 billion airfare observations and predict whether the price of a flight is going up or down. It also advises you on hotel searches to help you decide which rates are affordable and which are complete rip-offs.

Bing Events

bing events
This is a great search option provided by Bing yet absent from Google. Bing Events is a simple list of upcoming happenings, powered by the Website Zvents. Just type in “theatre Montreal” and Bing gives you full comprehensive listings of different productions going on in your area.

Bing Explorer Pane

bing explorer pane
A key element of Bing is a left-hand navigation menu called the Explorer Pane. This extra column of content includes Quick Tabs that break searches down into Web Groups relevant to your search. It also displays other information related to your search, such as ‘Related Searches’ and ‘Search History’.

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