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Informatique Mercier can now count on the scalable infrastructure of Performance Cloud and SherWeb’s expertise to deliver its projects a lot faster.

When Serge Goulet merged his business with Informatique Mercier in 2014, his plan was to expand his activities in cloud computing and managed services. This IT consultant already had about 1,000 SMB clients in Quebec. However, Goulet was barely able to maintain and update his datacenter in Quebec City, largely because of a shortage of IT workers. It seemed that every time he hired a new employee, he felt like he was back at square one. He set out to find a solution. Goulet heard about SherWeb during a discussion with Frederic Senez, Partner Sales Executive for SMB Resellers at Microsoft Canada. He said the first time he met with SherWeb, things clicked immediately. Six months later, Informatique Mercier had migrated all of its infrastructure plus that of its clients to SherWeb. Goulet is now planning to close his datacenter.

A Complex Infrastructure and Demanding Clients

The staff at Informatique Mercier manages a complex infrastructure that is made up of several physical and virtual servers with 40TB of data stored on HP 4000 SAN. Data storage, network, virtualization and security require constant attention. The company also offers managed services to monitor servers, databases and applications for its clients. One of its clients has several MSSQL servers, a Remote Desktop Services solution for virtual PCs and an ERP platform with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Due to the demanding nature of his company’s projects, Goulet said he found it very difficult to find and retain competent workers in Quebec City.

A Proactive Approach

Goulet contacted several hosting providers in Quebec and received several proposals that were in line with his budget. However, despite their internationally recognized expertise, none of these suppliers could meet Goulet’s requirements for technical support. It wasn’t until he spoke to Frederic Senez that he learned about SherWeb.

He said he was immediately reassured. SherWeb’s solutions architects analyzed Goulet’s infrastructure and presented him with a complete solution. Goulet said SherWeb Performance Cloud meets Informatique Mercier’s needs for scalability, flexibility, security and reliability. Once the migration plan was approved, SherWeb began the process to migrate the company’s services.

Sales Cycle Reduced by 30%

Informatique Mercier has just finished migrating its infrastructure to SherWeb and plans to close its datacenter. Before the migration, Goulet had a few concerns about VPN connections, but SherWeb’s technical team knew how to help him with the firewall configuration. Because of the scalability of Performance Cloud, Goulet was able to optimize his clients’ Remote Desktop Services and improve customer satisfaction. Goulet is particularly proud of the fact that he was able to reduce the deployment time for virtual servers by 75 %. What used to take two days is now done in just a few hours. Employee productivity increased by 20%, which means staff could be easily assigned to other projects.

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