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Dynamics CRM Online goes hand-in-hand with Office 365. Part of the most popular business productivity suite, CRM Online integrates with the full suite of Office apps, from Outlook to Word, Excel and OneDrive, to offer your team a seamless and immersive experience.

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Office Apps Integration with CRM Online
CRM Integration for Outlook

Keep Track of Your Opportunities
With Microsoft Outlook

Dynamics CRM for Outlook helps your team track every conversation in CRM in just a few clicks. It’s easier than ever before to link activities with an account and update the status of an opportunity. You can get context for every email you write simply by looking up the latest news on an account before sending out your email… without ever leaving Outlook.

Improve Efficiency with
the Immersive Excel App

Say goodbye to data exports. With just one click, you can open your sales opportunities in Excel and do a bulk edit. Make your changes, save and voilà! The Excel integration also lets you quickly analyze data and create comprehensive charts to evaluate your results and identify trends in your funnels.

Excel Integration with CRM Online
Skype Integration with CRM Online

Much more with Skype, OneDrive, Word, etc…

CRM Online integration with Office 365 doesn’t just end with Outlook and Excel. The full suite of apps, from Skype to SharePoint, OneDrive to Yammer, PowerBI or Word, also integrate nicely with CRM. In fact, we even wrote a blog article that covers some of the greatest integrations. Check it out for even more information about CRM Online & Office 365 integrations.

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