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hosted lync

SherWeb's hosted Lync 2010, a unified, enterprise-ready instant messaging and collaboration application, brings you all the benefits of simplified business communications. Lync 2010's advanced Web conferencing and sharing features, as well as its seamless integration with hosted Exchange 2010, will drive your productivity to new heights and save you money.  Check out our plans that include Lync >

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Hosted Lync 2010

Welcome to the future of communications.

Hosted Lync


  • Secure instant messaging
  • File transfer
  • Peer-to-peer audio/video conferencing
  • Web conference attendee experience
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$ 4 .95
/ month per user


All of Lync Standard plus:

  • Application sharing
  • Multi-party audio/video conferencing
  • Full Web conferencing
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$ 7 .95
/ month per user

Latest Customer Praise

Customer Quotes Reduce business-related costs

No matter where they are in the world, colleagues can work face to face thanks to Lync 2010's enhanced Web conferencing experience. This translates into significantly reduced travelling and training costs and conference charges for companies. Increase your productivity

With its innovative instant messaging, conferencing and sharing features, Lync 2010 is a sure-fire way to boost your productivity. Our collaboration tool substantially improves communications within a team, enabling projects to be completed faster and more efficiently. Improve outcomes

Customer issues are now resolved faster and better through enhanced communications, and sales cycle times are shortened with the help of presence awareness, which allows salespeople to quickly find the subject matter expert they need to easily and professionally answer customer questions.