Powerful Cloud Servers Fuel Blueprint for Remote Desktop Services

SherWeb equips its partners with a best-of-breed solution for their clients in a world-class infrastructure Cloud provider SherWeb will use its powerful cloud servers to help small businesses save time and money with Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and RemoteApps. The hosting provider announced today that it has released a new blueprint that will show its small business clients and resellers how they can build their own Remote Desktop solutions using its Performance Cloud servers. RDS will allow small companies to run a virtual desktop that can be accessed by any employee from anywhere and on any device. Guillaume Boisvert, SherWeb’s Director, Product Management for Performance Cloud, said RDS allows small businesses to save money by extending the life of their IT assets. Since all the processing is done in the RDS server instead of on individual desktops, companies don’t need extra resources. Boisvert also pointed out that the scalability of cloud services makes it easier for small companies to adapt quickly to changing business needs. The new blueprint is also seen as a powerful sales tool for the company’s 4,000-member partner channel. “So many small business transitions to the cloud hinge on the quality of the user experience,” said Boisvert. “This new blueprint equips our partners with a best-of-breed solution for their clients in a world-class infrastructure. We’re excited to see how it helps them accomplish their clients’ migrations to modern cloud services.” SherWeb Performance Cloud server runs virtual machines for more than 270 organizations around the world.