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SherWeb's Hosted Exchange 2013 gives you full control.
From any location.

SherWeb's Control Panel is an intuitive and flexible web-based portal that's accessible anywhere, anytime. It allows you to manage services, users and mailboxes from one convenient place—without ever having to contact us. No other Hosted Exchange solution gives you so much control.

Everything you need in one place

In or out of the office, our Control Panel lets you manage your organization's Exchange 2013 account with ease. As the administrator, you have access to many features:

Getting started:

  • A "Getting Started" page with suggested steps and configuration guides
  • Integrated task-related how-to's

Day-to-day management:

  • Automated user creation in just a few clicks (spreadsheet import, ADSync synchronization, default services configuration)
  • User management (creation/deletion/editing permissions, mobile devices, automatic replies, etc.)
  • Service management (distribution lists, contacts, domains, spam filtering, remote wipe of mobile devices, etc.)
  • Service provisioning


  • .PST files import: keep your users' old mailbox data, such as emails and calendars, by importing their Outlook .PST fiiles and keep track of the import's progress and completion
  • Bulk user import via spreadsheets
  • Migration and email re-routing is performed

Flexibility for end-users

Our Control Panel also allows end-users to perform certain tasks without assistance:

  • Accessing software licenses for products and utilities purchased by your organization (e.g. Outlook, Lync)
  • Changing passwords
  • Viewing usage statistics

A Control Panel that's always improving

Because our Control Panel was developed in-house, our product development team is free to constantly improve its features and interface. To ensure that our portal is user-friendly and gives you all the control you need, we conduct surveys with our customers and make improvements based directly on their feedback.

Continuous improvement

Ongoing improvement of the features and interface

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