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Exchange hosting provider SherWeb raises mailbox size

Montréal, November 8, 2006 - SherWeb, a leading Exchange hosting provider, announces the fusion of its three hosted Exchange plans in a single package that includes 3 GB of disk space available for only $8,95 per month, per user. With this new aggressive plan, SherWeb distinguishes itself even more from other Exchange hosting providers and the company hopes to attract even more small and medium businesses towards its hosted Exchange solution.

Two years ago, a personal disk space of 200 MB was acceptable for customers but not anymore. SherWeb is the first company in the industry to offer an Exchange hosting plan with so much disk space at such a low price.

“Today, people all have a Hotmail or Gmail account and they are used to having a large quantity of personal disk space. The importance of e-mails at work and the number of e-mails received in one day is constantly increasing. Moreover, people do not always take the time to clear their mailbox and thus use more and more disk space. Offering more disk space for our customers was only natural as we always want to exceed our customers' expectations” stated Peter Cassar, CEO of SherWeb.

SherWeb is also one of the only Hosted Exchange Company to accept customers with only one mailbox to sign up for its 1.25 GB plan. While other hosted Exchange providers require a minimum of 3 to 5 mailboxes or charge more per mailbox for customers with only 1 user, SherWeb will never discriminate and allows all customers to benefit from its generous and low-priced offer.



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