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Hosted BlackBerry Finally in Canada!

Montréal, April 4, 2006 - SherWeb, leader in the web hosting industry and expert in the business email hosting is teaming up with Research in Motion (RIM) as an authorized BlackBerry Hosting provider. After many months of waiting, the well known and popular company RIM as finally allowed Canadian web hosting companies to offer the hosted BlackBerry synchronization service legally in Canada. Hosted Blackberry service allows small, medium and large companies to synchronize wirelessly their devices to their Microsoft Exchange messaging system in real time wherever they are and at a reasonable price.

“We are delighted to be one of the first Canadian web hosting company allowed to offer the hosted Blackberry synchronization service to our clients all over Canada” stated Peter Cassar, CEO of SherWeb

Advantages of hosted Blackberry

Hosted BlackBerry is an interesting alternative to the well known BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) for all companies that cannot afford to support an in-house email and mobility solution, that have already outsourced their messaging system or that wish to smartly apply their financial resources. The hosted BlackBerry service allows businesses of all size to benefit from the wireless synchronization that provides the BES without having to invest large sum of money for the purchase of the server, the software and the ongoing IT support cost that are involved when managing the BES internally. As a result, the hosted BlackBerry solution offers liberty and flexibility since a team of expert is taking care of everything at no additional cost. This new service requires less money, less know-how and less time and is therefore an ideal solution for enterprises that want to get more from their budget and resources.

Why synchronize?

Hosted BlackBerry synchronization with the leading and very popular messaging software Microsoft Exchange, allows companies to get the most out of their wireless devices by avoiding the duplication of certain tasks. No more USB cable and waiting around for the BlackBerry to manually synchronize to the Outlook. With Hosted BlackBerry synchronization, the Outlook and BlackBerry calendar, contacts, notes and tasks synchronize wirelessly in real time over the mobile network. With Hosted BlackBerry synchronization users always stay connected, save time, are more productive and get better return on their investment. It's as simple as that!

Outsourcing, a new and accepted business model!

The Outsourcing or hosting of IT softwares and IT messaging solutions is a recognized business model and becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Many companies realize the advantages of outsourcing to a third party business activities that are not part of their specialties or core business practices. Stick to what you are good at is the new accepted reality, outsource technologies and outsmart competitors! In Canada, the outsourcing trend is relatively young, the benefits are unknown and the business model still brings discomfort and insecurity to a lot of CEOs. Thanks to outsourcing, smaller companies that lack the financial and/or technical expertise are now competing on the same playing field than bigger corporations in terms of their technology solutions. The concept is simple: Instead of investing a lot of money into servers, software, technical infrastructure, upgrades, maintenance, IT staff and more...companies can now free up their IT staff, benefit from the power of well known software that were once reserved to large corporations for a small, fixed cost, per user, per month.



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