Microsoft Office 365 vs. SkyOffice by SherWeb - Exchange Migration

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When it comes to migration, SherWeb is no beginner. Our tried-and-true MIDAS methods have helped over 20,000 businesses successfully make the transition to hosted Exchange. By choosing SkyOffice, SherWeb's Microsoft Office 365 -like suite, you get a team of dedicated experts that will aptly guide you through every step and monitor the entire process.

The methods that truly fit your needs

The methods that truly fit your needs

Easy migrationSherWeb's secure and stable MIDAS Migration Service protects your email data from loss and guarantees constant uptime. The process is carried out seamlessly for your users and requires little involvement on your part so you can concentrate on your business. With MIDAS, you benefit from a personalized migration experience, including:

  • Straightforward guidelines

  • Thorough testing

  • Close follow-up

  • Advanced proprietary tools and technologies

Hassle-free process

A typical migration process is executed in four simple steps:

  • Planning: Testing, analysis of your specific requirements, scheduling.
  • Pre-migration: Preparatory steps by dedicated team.
  • Migration: Re-routing of emails to SherWeb's hosted Exchange 2010 environment, monitoring by migration specialist.
  • Post-migration: Follow-up by us two business days after migration to ensure that the process went smoothly and address any oustanding issues or concerns.

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  • SkyOffice Standard

    $ 5 .95
    / month per user
  • SkyOffice Professional

    All of SkyOffice Standard PLUS:

    • 25 GB Exchange mailbox
    • 1 GB SharePoint 2010 (...)
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    $ 7 .95
    / month per user
  • SkyOffice Business

    All of SkyOffice Professional PLUS:

    • Unlimited Exchange 2010 mailbox
    • Technical service manager (...)
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    $ 12 .95
    / month per user


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