Online Backup - In-house vs Online

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The ONLY way to ensure your data is 100% protected

When it comes to safekeeping data, we take things very seriously. And so should you. Here are the reasons why you should forget about unreliable, expensive on-site backup methods and opt for our solution now.

In-house backups
SherWeb bank-grade online backup

Automatic & undetectable backups made continuously without any action on your part

High cost

More affordable than physical backups or other business online backup plans

Low security/high risk of breach

Unbreachable bank-grade security used by financial institutions

Slow data recovery

Data can be recovered in 3 different ways, usually in seconds

Low accessibility to data

Data can be accessed and shared from anywhere in the world, at any time

Limited IT support

Dedicated, expert 365/24/7 customer and data recovery support

Requires transportation & storage space

We safeguard your data for you at our secure datacenters

High risk of theft, fire, flood or other disaster

 Our Tier3+, SOC2 Type II certified and secure datacenters keep your business data safely stored and protected against disasters


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