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What's new?

As Steve Ballmer enthusiastically explained in the 2010 Microsoft World Wide Conference, SharePoint 2010 "is kind of a magical product. It's a unique platform that allows a whole set of scenarios into one product”.

The 2010 release offers an impressive number of improvements over the 2007 version, including better user interface, greater social capabilities, deeper business intelligence, advanced record and document management and better integration with other Microsoft products.

Familiar options and tools

SherWeb's SharePoint 2010 hosting experience truly feels as if you were working in Outlook, Word or any other Microsoft product. Use the new ribbon to perform tasks quickly such as uploading, creating or editing content. Hosted SharePoint Foundation 2010 was optimized and designed with the 3-button rule in mind: everything is always 3 clicks away from what you want to achieve. It makes the challenge of switching to a new technology a lot easier.

Concurrent work

With SharePoint hosting 2010 you can work simultaneously on Word, Excel or PowerPoint presentation with colleagues. This means that more than one person can edit a Word document or slides in a SharePoint library at the same time.

For example, to review a document you can send a link to the document in a SharePoint library, and all of the reviewers can provide their feedback in the document simultaneously.

Social Media Capabilities

With hosted SharePoint Foundation 2010, employees can work together the way they want using a full set of collaboration tools. They can create community knowledge with wikis and blogs, engaging user experience and connect via social networking/community capabilities. Moreover, employees can share their personal information and knowledge, and decide how much of it to make public.

Finally, you can now tag content, embed rich media and videos, create your own profile, rate content, share comments and a lot more.


The highly improved customization features in SharePoint Foundation 2010 allows organization to make their site stand out, useful and attractive.

Easily upload your company logo, change colors and fonts for your site using newly supported theme files. Make your site internationally accessible by changing the language of the site. With the appropriate language packs installed, you can view settings pages, help, and application content in your preferred language.

Upgrade Assistant

SharePoint Foundation 2010 contains the tools needed to upgrade your current environment. These tools are included in the 2010 out-of-the-box, so you can migrate from previous versions.  

However, please note that the migration process cannot be taken lightly and requires time and most importantly planning. You should know that any time you migrate SharePoint data from one version to another, additional applications, web parts, and features may need to be reinstalled completely. SherWeb can assist you the best it can but cannot perform the actual migration for you.

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