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SharePoint 2013: From anywhere. On any device.

SharePoint 2013's stronger emphasis on social and mobility—along with a long list of new features that will ensure user adoption—ushers in the next generation of team work, content management and productivity.

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Top-of-the-line infrastructure and reliability

Customize SharePoint with ease via the App Store

Adapting SharePoint to your specific needs is now easier with the all-new App Store. Users can automatically add free and paid apps to enhance their SharePoint experience, while administrators can maintain control by pre-authorizing which apps are available to the organization.

Top-of-the-line infrastructure and reliability

Improve communication & turnaround times with social capabilities

Better sharing means better productivity. The addition of Yammer—the most widely used enterprise social network in the world—makes getting work done easier and faster than ever by allowing users to connect with one another, ask questions and share knowledge. SharePoint 2013's company feed feature also allows users to share content with colleagues and keep close track of important files and content. Employees can follow users, documents and team sites, and receive automatic updates whenever a file is modified or whenever their name is mentioned in a discussion or on a team site.

Top-of-the-line infrastructure and reliability

Access information from anywhere with full mobile compatibility

With 81% of information workers now using at least one mobile device for work, SharePoint 2013 was smartly designed for the mobile workplace: Team sites can now be accessed on the go from any mobile device. Users can also subscribe to the Push notifications feature to receive notifications when certain actions are done on the SharePoint site. SharePoint 2013 also enhances browser compatibility, and supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Top-of-the-line infrastructure and reliability

Stay on top of things with My Task List

Now team members can view tasks on their project sites and edit them in the browser window. The centralized feature then combines all tasks and provides users with a single unified list, complete with personal tasks that have been added in SharePoint and in Exchange 2013.

Top-of-the-line infrastructure and reliability

Ensure adoption with the intuitive, Windows 8-inspired interface

Adoption is always a concern when implementing a new work process. With the Windows 8 Metro-inspired interface, users will flock to SharePoint 2013's more intuitive, slick and enjoyable experience. They'll also rave about how quick and easy it is to find content or transfer documents to a team site with a simple drag and drop.



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