Virtual Private Servers - Overview

Gain full control over your environment

SherWeb's high performance VPS bring you the control of a dedicated server with the affordability, flexibility, and simplicity of shared hosting. Our virtual server technology allows you to grow your server seamlessly as your requirements increase without ever needing to buy additional hardware.

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At SherWeb, we make no compromise in the use of advanced technologies. We rely on high-performance Dell PowerEdge servers and leading virtualization software technologies to host all our virtual systems. Complete system isolation

On SherWeb's VPS, other users and their actions have no effect whatsoever on your service. Each virtual server is independent, which means full isolation, full speed, and guaranteed resources and performance. Painless migration

Thanks to sophisticated migration utilities, we can ensure the seamless transfer of your web hosting data, server environment, applications, and settings from your current server to our VPS, with minimum downtime. Our migration specialists monitor all phases of the transfer and verify that your data is accurately translated. Easy management

The intuitive web-based Parallels Plesk panel enables you to keep control over every aspect of your virtual environment. You can perform your own software installation, manage the applications, restart your server, and much more. You also have full administrative access to your virtual server. Instant scalability

With SherWeb's VPS, you can upgrade your system's resources instantly anywhere, anytime. Increase your service plan to provide more resources such as storage, memory, and bandwidth, in real-time, without having to worry about downtime.