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Be honest. When it comes to selling Cloud PBX, how ready are you? Do you have the right marketing tools to properly position, promote and sell your modern telecom solution online?

If you said no, don’t let that stop you from taking advantage of a red hot market. More than 43 million businesses are using cloud-based unified communications. This means you’re one step away from growing a very profitable Cloud PBX business.

Want in? You’ve come to the right place!

Get Your Power Tools to Resell Cloud PBX Faster

In today’s increasingly competitive market, you have to get in the position to make big plays in order to get a lead on the competition – and score. What better way to get in the game than with an expert team by your side to support you at every step?

We’ve created a set of awesome tools and digital marketing assets to lead you down the telecom field to success.

In our toolbox, you’ll find ready-made social media cover banners, quoting tool, product presentation deck, webpage, white-label statement of work, printable promotional one-pager, roll up banner and much more – all packaged in a .zip file.

Leverage each power tool right away to promote and resell Sherweb’s Cloud PBX by attracting, informing and engaging prospects and customers.

Take a closer look at each tool. But first…

Why You’ll Love Our Toolbox

Getting ready to resell Cloud PBX can be challenging, especially when you lack the time and resources to get things off the ground. Here’s a look at why you need a good set of tools and gray-label marketing material for your go-to-market strategy:

  1. Easy and Fast
  2. Save Time and Money
  3. Great Growth Opportunity

Easy and Fast

Imagine if you had everything you need to resell Cloud PBX. We’re talking important sales and marketing collaterals that will get you selling in minutes. What would that mean for you?

It means you can skip the long process of planning, building and creating sales and marketing material. With your toolbox, you’ll be able to start at full speed and spend more time selling.

For example, you can use the Network Assessment to get your foot in the door to your customers’ business by assessing whether their infrastructure is ready for Cloud PBX. You’ll find the Excel quoting tool useful for when you need to prepare your client quotes. And you can sharpen your sales strategy with our ready-made product presentation deck before meeting with a potential customer. The list goes on!

Save Time and Money

If you’re like most MSPs, you’ve probably put your marketing efforts on the back burner. That’s understandable. While you’re pitching products or going on site, you can’t afford to waste your most valued resources: time, money and manpower.

Leverage the sales and marketing enablement tools in your toolbox to solve all these problems.

For example, you can use your webpage, social media cover banners, and printable promotional one-pager to drive sales. We’ve also included a roll up banner to help you stand out at trade shows, lunch and learns or exhibitions.

Great Growth Opportunity

Don’t have a sure-fire strategy to sell Cloud PBX? No worries. You’ll learn how to sharpen your skills, position your offer and handle client objections with your scoping and sales guide. Then, you’ll be ready to use your customizable statement of work to close deals.

Here’s what you’ll get in your Toolbox:

  • Quoting Tool
  • Product Presentation Deck
  • Easy-to-understand Sales Guide
  • White-label Statement of Work
  • Scoping Guide
  • Network Assessment
  • Social Media Cover Banners
  • Webpage
  • Printable Promotional One-pager
  • Portal Walkthrough Video
  • Phone Hardware Catalog

Everything You Need to Sell Cloud PBX Successfully

Heard enough? There’s plenty more where that came from. This is just a small example of the support we offer in our award-winning Partner Program. We help resellers like you go to market faster. Register here to get started.

Written by Gina Ionta Content Marketing Writer @ Sherweb

Gina crafts marketing content designed to engage and educate readers about SherWeb’s diverse product offerings. She has 10 years of experience writing creative copy—including content creation for B2B marketing—and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Concordia University. When she’s not in the office wordsmithing, Gina enjoys exploring her home city of Montreal, travelling abroad and indulging in local cuisine.