Growth. It’s something that every MSP is looking for these days. But when it comes to growing your managed services business, there are two different paths you can take.

1. You can focus on new customer acquisition and increase the total number of customers you service and support.
2. You can focus on increasing the average recurring revenue from the existing customers you service and support.

While both strategies can be effective in accomplishing the goal of accelerating your growth, there is actually a way to leverage both strategies at once: cloud PBX services.

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Why Should You Resell Cloud PBX Services?

Cloud phone services are not new, but they are something that you may have avoided adding to your portfolio in the past. This is because you may have heard that voice services are difficult to offer, or come with a heavy support burden. And that’s simply not true.

Yes, voice services do have a number of moving parts that are critical for a successful deployment. These include items such as porting numbers, configuring auto-attendants, hunt group orders, and even E-911. Each of these items has made many MSPs nervous about venturing into voice services.

Fortunately, companies like SherWeb have made offering these services easier and more profitable than ever before. Reselling cloud PBX services is no longer something that you should delay or even fear. They can become an important part of your portfolio, and a main driver of business growth for the foreseeable future. Let’s take a look at why you should add cloud PBX services to your portfolio.

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Save Your Customers Money

An obvious reason that MSPs should be offering cloud PBX services is that many customers can start saving money on their telecommunications costs right away. Helping your customers save money while providing solutions to problems they may have is an important value proposition for any MSP.

Your customers can save money on their monthly phone bill and avoid the heavy upfront costs associated with a premises-based system. Instead of your customers spending $60 – $100 per line, not including long distance and charges for other features, you can save them up to 44% while offering more features.

Plus, they don’t have to spend thousands of dollars upfront on PBX equipment and installation; all they have to buy are the phones!

Give Your Customers Modern Tools

Tens of thousands of businesses are still running on antiquated analog PBX systems that are like using a horse on today’s highways. Legacy PBX systems simply don’t have many of the features or functions that come as standard with a cloud PBX.

For example, an older system may not have an IVR, auto attendant, voice mail, or conferencing (or maybe the fees to access these services are really high). Older systems may also be limited as to the specific number of users or extensions that clients can use.

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With a cloud phone system, these “extra features” and growth restrictions are no longer a reality – they’re all included for one monthly price. You can also help customers keep pace today and over the coming years thanks to the frequent updates that are automatically “pushed” to users.

Deliver More Value to Your Customers

When you start offering phone services, you also open up the opportunity to provide increased value to your customers. You can think of a conversation about cloud phone services as a gateway to discussing other professional services that you can provide around the system.

These add-on professional services include telecom assessments, network assessments, end-user training, and IVR recordings. Each of these can provide tremendous value to a customer because your customer often lacks the skills or time to properly address these areas.

In addition, each of these services allows you to showcase your company’s expertise, something that will put customers at ease when deciding who to entrust their phone services to.

Increase Customer Account Profitability

The more services you can sell to a customer, the more profitable they become. This is because they’ll begin to see you as a comprehensive, one-stop shop for all of their communication needs.

Since you fill so many needs for each client, the services you provide will become more and more entwined in their successful processes. Thankfully, reselling cloud PBX services allows you to see a nice increase in revenue, and profits, per customer without having to incur the major expenses typically involved with creating and delivering a new service.

If all of this is not enough to convince you how cloud PBX services can accelerate your growth, consider this: the market is expected to hit US$140 billion by 2021.

That’s a pretty big reason to take notice and start reselling.

Get Started Reselling Cloud PBX Services

If you’re looking to learn more about reselling or accelerating your growth with cloud PBX services, you should download our new guide. You will learn how to properly position services, handle customer objections, and even how to scope your services.

Written by Sophie Furnival Marketing Communications Manager @ SherWeb

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