When it comes to public cloud servers, a few big brand names come to mind. You thought Amazon EC2 was best in class? Think again!

We designed our infrastructure to provide the most powerful virtual servers in the public cloud. We chose the finest hardware and the most reliable virtualization technologies to achieve that. To prove we reached our goal, we called an independent cloud analyst to compare our public cloud servers with the best known servers in the world.

Cloud Spectator actively monitors 20+ of the largest IaaS providers in the world and compares their virtual machine performance. Cloud Spectator also determines the price-performance ratio, which measures performance per unit of cost, using a 0-100 range. The higher the score, the greater the value.
The numbers speak for themselves! In the majority of tests, SherWeb’s cloud servers offered the highest overall performance and price-performance value compared with Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure.


But why care about servers’ performance?

When you purchase a server, you’re actually buying components – processing power (CPU), storage and memory – that can handle the workloads generated by applications and services you plan to run on the computer. Also important is the network quality of service that is critical for any infrastructure. These components’ performance is key to the server’s efficiency, whether it is hardware or virtual. Selecting the right Cloud Service Provider for your virtual servers is essential to ensure you get the best performance for your applications and achieve the highest ROI.


The lack of standardized performance metrics in the industry makes comparing virtual machines from different CSPs sound tricky. Cloud Spectator meets this challenge by examining infrastructure performance on both hardware and application layers to measure the virtual machine (VM) performance. They use metrics for vCPU, memory, storage, and internal network quality of service. In this scenario, any bottleneck on the underlying hardware is identified, along with the direct impact on the virtualized infrastructure, and ultimately on your systems and applications.


Cloud Performance demonstrated results

In its survey, Cloud Spectator anonymously provisioned equivalent-sized VMs from Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure and SherWeb’s infrastructures. Then they compared them during 5 days, running heavy benchmarking tests twice a day. The Geekbench 3 test suite was used to evaluate CPU and memory. FIO tests were used for the storage, and Iperf and TCP Ping were used to test the network. Test VMs were provided with 2, 4 and 8 vCPU.
While Amazon EC2 is renowned as “best in class” for public cloud servers, SherWeb’s Cloud Servers clearly outperformed Amazon overall:

SherWeb’s cloud server vCPU performance is globally 59% higher than both Amazon and Microsoft



On average, SherWeb’s cloud servers offer 24% higher memory performance compared to the competitors



SherWeb’s cloud servers exhibit an average of 11 times more storage performance


When it comes to pricing, SherWeb’s Cloud Servers offer the highest price-performance value for all vCPU, memory, storage and network.

If SherWeb’s cloud server network latency was higher than Amazon EC2, our servers still beat the competition for network throughput price-performance, with a value that is up to 270% greater.



Need Performance? Consider choosing a leader in Cloud Servers

You want the best for your business applications and you can’t afford to overspend. Whether you want to run a database, some software, or a website on the servers you purchase, you want the highest performance for the fairest price. The complete Cloud Spectator survey report below will give you a better insight into how SherWeb can provide virtual machines that help you reach that goal. Our physical infrastructure relies on leading technologies, like Dell servers, Intel CPUs, all-flash SAN provided by Compellent for storage, and Cisco equipment for network. Download the report and see for yourself!

With an overall performance that is up to 4000% better than Amazon and the best price value compared to top competitors, SherWeb is your top choice for Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Not only do we provide cloud servers, we also offer cloud databases and repositories for offsite backups with Veeam solutions. Our optional managed services free you from all administrative tasks so your staff can concentrate on your core business. Our free, round-the-clock support provided by certified technicians is high value for our award-winning cloud services. More than 4,000 partners and 25,000 businesses rely on our 17-years of expertise in providing cloud solutions.

Written by Sadissa Babeni Marketing Content Writer @ SherWeb

Sadissa is an IT professional and joined SherWeb in 2013 as a technical writer and trainer. A former systems administrator, she brings her decade-long field experience to SherWeb's marketing department, with her broad knowledge of cloud computing and service management. Sadissa is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate in Windows Server and Office 365, and has earned other IT certifications over the years. She has a passionate interest in singing in vocal ensembles and learning foreign languages.