This latest .Net framework release, ASP.NET 4.5, comes packed with countless new features and improvements. To upgrade your ASP.Net 4.0 framework to this new version, here is a simple guide to get you all set up. Follow the below instructions, and you’ll be experiencing all the great benefits in no time.

How To Set up ASP.NET 4.5

On the left hand side of the page below Installation Options choose the download method you prefer. You can either download the small setup file that retrieves the necessary components from the web and installs them or you can download the redistributable package. If you have internet connectivity and only want to install this product on a single server, select the Install Now option. If you want to download the redistributable installer, click the Download Now option and save the file. I chose the redistributable package for this post.

Run the dotnetfx45_full_x86_x64.exe from the location where you downloaded the file. Once the package is unpacked, you will need to accept the license agreement before you can proceed with the install. You may be prompted to close running programs if open files need to be updated. If you choose not to close the running applications, you will be prompted to reboot your machine once the install has completed. Once the installation has finished, click Finish and reboot if prompted.

Before the upgrade, Programs and Features showed version 4.0 as being installed.


After a successful install of version 4.5, Programs and Features no longer shows version 4.0 listed but does show version 4.5.


Since ASP.Net 4.5 is an in-place upgrade of version 4.0 of the framework, you will not see any new options or settings. Once the upgrade has been completed, you can still use either the 4.0 or the 4.5 assemblies for application development. The Reference Assembly location on your machine (c:\Program Files (x86)\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\.NetFramework\) contains both version 4.0 and 4.5 application support.

ASP.NET Framework

You are now ready to begin taking advantage of ASP.Net 4.5.  You can find additional information about the new features here.

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