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Sherweb is happy to announce the newest addition to its Iaas offering: Microsoft Azure. This leading IaaS and PaaS platform brings with it all the elements required to complete Sherweb’s offering of hosting-related services. By combining it with the powerful VMs, DBaaS and selfl-managed backups offered by our very own Performance Cloud, our clients’ one-stop shop experience is greatly enhanced. Aside from meeting our clients’ additional IaaS needs, we are happy to  offer a Microsoft product whose reputation and adoption is growing the world over. Best of all, by reselling Azure through Microsoft’s CSP program we further our reputation as a leading Cloud Service Provider for SMBs looking to adopt cloud-based business solutions.

A Point for Consideration: Is Azure Ready for the SMB Market?

With our focus on small- and medium-sized businesses, it’s critical for us to analyze the new products that we offer our target audience. Not only do we need to look at how our clients will be using these products, but we also need to determine what added value Sherweb can offer. For many SMBs, Azure is a big platform that bears little resemblance to their traditional on-premises infrastructure. Abandoning their typical infrastructure implementation workflow that usually consisted of fairly systematic checklists, many SMBs are finding that adopting big cloud platforms like Azure is anything but easy. It’s not uncommon to find small business owners facing major issues during the migration and integration of their traditional workloads to Microsoft Azure. This problem is exacerbated by IT staff who have limited experience with these newer IaaS platforms. Enter Sherweb.

Sherweb’s Cloud Smarts Helps SMBs Make Sense of Azure

Knowing that our clients were willing to use Azure, but still needed help during the most significant phase of their cloud infrastructure projects, it was obvious Sherweb could help. With over 18 years of hosting experience and our 70+ NP- rated support, our clients’ need for a trusted advisor makes our 24/7 cloud support and cloud architects the perfect tools to help them make sense of Azure. For only $100/mo., adding our support to their Azure projects offers ultimate value as it allows for better execution of their projects and avoids costly delays due to a lack of familiarity with the Azure platform. More importantly, our support comes at a significantly reduced price tag compared with the Standard support plan offered by Microsoft Azure. Sherweb also offers its own migration service for Azure, completing what we believe to be the best offer on the market for SMBs looking to use Microsoft Azure.

What will you do with Microsoft Azure and Sherweb?

With Sherweb by their side, our clients now have the opportunity to take full advantage of Azure’s open and flexible cloud service platform. From running applications on one of Azure’s worldwide network of Microsoft-managed datacenters, to application development or PaaS projects, our clients can now do it all. Additionally, when clients sign up to Azure they get access to Performance Cloud, our very own public cloud offering. This winning combination of Microsoft’s own cloud platform with Sherweb Performance Cloud is an exciting opportunity for SMBs to make the most of the cloud. With more than 73% of SMBs planning to move their IT services to the cloud over the next ten years, Sherweb is extremely excited to provide this complete IaaS offering.


Written by Guillaume Boisvert Director, Product Innovation @ Sherweb

Guillaume identifies and evaluates new solutions and product features that help Sherweb and its partners grow and compete. He’s also in charge of Office Protect, and led the team responsible for building and commercializing Sherweb’s in-house security service. He has almost two decades of experience developing software-as-a-service (SaaS), both as a technical lead and as a product manager.