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Quick question. How tough is it to build a high-availability platform and keep it running every day? If you’re reading this, you might know the answer. Thousands of our clients use SherWeb’s platforms every day and it’s up to our developers to make sure everything runs smoothly.

But as you know, things can go wrong. We’ve seen our share of problems and we’ve also come up with some pretty clever ways to solve them. That’s why we decided to share our stories with you in our new Developer Blog. Want to learn more about the challenges of building a web portal for your customers? We’ve got the answer. Having trouble with new technology? We’ve been there.

Our team of developers will share their code samples, tips, tricks and much more. We want you to understand our platform and solve your problems. Our developers know their stuff and they want to help you.

So, give our blog a read and tell us what you think. We’re ready to talk tech.

Written by Stéphane Guillemette Employee @ SherWeb

Stéphane is SherWeb’s Product Development Director. He has been working in web application development for about 13 years and prides himself in bringing a relaxed, positive attitude to the job. Stéphane is passionate about technology and likes to push himself in what he describes as productive and innovative ways. When he’s not keeping up with the latest technological trends, Stéphane can be found cycling through Quebec’s Eastern Townships, vigorously training to improve his performance and beat his own records.