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In the Web community, developers tend to use technologies that use Web Components like Angular and React. However, UI libraries are not always composed or wrapped into components. At Sherweb, we’ve been using and re-using many components and UI libraries. So, we decided to create our own wrap of the library we use the most across our applications.

We’re pleased to announce the release of our first open source library named ng2-materialize!

The purpose of our ng2-materialize library is to simplify the usage of Materialize within the Angular framework.

Materialize is a modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design that we chose for our Angular application. Still, Materialize is a JavaScript/CSS Framework-independent library, so we decided to wrap this pure JavaScript library into Angular Components and Directives. We knew that other alternatives to Angular were available, but we opted for this solution because at the time of our choice, it was the most reliable library to implement Material Design.

Also, all the components we needed were already available with Angular. There are real benefits in using this external library. First, it is reliable, and second, it’s unaware of the environment where it is executed, so it can be used in several projects. This makes it a shareable library that can be used and improved by the community. Anyone can contribute without requiring much involvement on our side, thanks to the continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Ng2-materialize is available today on GitHub.

We’re excited to hear any feedback from the community, and contributions are welcome.
Stay tuned to learn more about Web Components!

Written by Nicolas Charpentier Employee @ Sherweb

Nicolas Charpentier is a Software Developer at SherWeb. He’s passionate about new technologies and the open source community. He’s mainly using JavaScript and he’s interested in Web Development and Mobile as well. He’s also an advocate of continual improvement and he’ll always be ready for new challenges of any kind in attempt to satisfy his thirst of knowledge. You’ll certainly meet him on GitHub.