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Did you know that 50% of companies employing fewer than 10 people are not using any customer relationship management tool? And of all companies that do use a CRM system, it is reported that they only take advantage of 20% of its potential benefits.

But CRM is on the rise. Gartner predicts strong growth in the coming years, with cloud deployments overtaking on-premises CRM last year.

If you’re an MSP, an IT consultant or any other type of reseller, and CRM is not part of the discussions with your customers, you might be missing out on something big. CRM is not only something your customers might want. In this digital age, it’s vital for business growth.

That being said, it makes sense to include CRM Online in your sales pitch when offering Office 365 to your clients. We can never stress this enough: Office 365 is the go-to solution for productivity and collaboration needs for business. Pairing it with Dynamics CRM Online is a great way for you to grow your business, build customer trust, and strengthen your position in the market.

Let’s take a deeper look into why you should bundle CRM Online with Office 365.

Dynamics CRM was built with O365 in mind

Businesses are always looking to increase efficiency and productivity. When your clients get to compare different CRM solutions, they will soon find out that most of them don’t integrate with the other apps they use daily. Sure, most solutions have an Outlook add-on, but the customer lifecycle needs more than some email-related features.

Dynamics CRM is made to fully and seamlessly integrate with Office 365, minimizing the hassle of moving in and out of different apps to accomplish tasks such as data analytics, social selling, collaboration or document sharing… The result is a CRM that integrates with Excel, Skype, SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote and even more, making more tools available to your customers.

By offering both CRM Online and Office 365 to your customers, you’ll position yourself as a trusted advisor to their productivity and collaboration initiative. Plus, CRM Online can be a great incentive to move to Office 365, which leads us to reason #2…

A unique value proposition

Have you ever checked out Salesforce’s or any other CRM solutions’ different pricing plans? The cost piles up pretty fast if you want to get a complete feature solution.

Not with CRM Online. The Professional license has everything sales and marketing teams need, from the Microsoft Social Engagement platform to system capabilities, offline work mode and much more. It is the perfect license that pairs with Office 365 to sweeten the deal with your customers.

By combining Office 365 Business Premium or E3 plans with the Pro license, you can offer customers a big discount on the CRM license price, making it hard to relinquish the opportunity to implement Dynamics CRM, or even moving away from another, more costly platform.

Office Apps and CRM will help you position yourself in the market as their only trusted IT service provider, which means it’s time for reason #3…

Strengthen your one-stop-shop position

If you’re not offering a CRM solution to your customers today, you have higher chances of totally missing the boat. If your customers don’t use customer relationship management now, they’ll be needing it soon. As already mentioned, that adoption is on the rise, so when the requests come, you want to be ready to offer your customers what they’re asking for.

If you’re already reselling solutions such as Hosted Exchange or Office 365, it’s safe to assume you know your way around the Microsoft environment. In that case, reselling Dynamics CRM Online just makes sense.

Rather than waiting for your clients to ask you about CRM, start the conversation around CRM Online yourself. Remind customers that you have a full suite of IT services readily available for them. It’ll give you an edge on competitors.

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Written by Mathieu Leblanc Business Development and Partner Network Director @ Sherweb

Mathieu Leblanc is Sherweb's Partner Network Director. His extensive experience in the field helps him pinpoint upcoming trends that matter to MSPs and IT consultants.