Not long ago, if you gave a user access to view Dynamics CRM records, you had to purchase the same license you bought for a heavy user. With the introduction of Dynamics 365, Microsoft brings many changes to the product, licensing and prices. An important change in the new licensing model introduces the separation between Full User licenses and Team Members licenses. Microsoft is encouraging companies to buy Team Members licenses for users needing basic access to Dynamics 365 features. These licenses are cheaper and make sense in various scenarios.

Let’s take a look at the differences between the two types and the rights each gets.


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Full User vs. Team Members

  • Full User: This license is for users who work heavily in Dynamics 365. These are customer service representatives, sales employees, and marketing managers.
  • Team Members: This license is for light users or users that don’t do much work in Dynamics 365 but need access to view records or log their time.


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Team Members access rights

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition

Team Members licenses can be purchased for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps (sales, customer service, field service, project service automation) or the Unified Operations App. We will discuss each separately for better understanding.


Customer Engagement Plan Applications

  • Read access to all Dynamics 365 entities
  • Write access to accounts and contacts
  • Write access to custom entities
  • Write access to activities, notes, shared calendar, announcements
  • Broad access (web app, mobile app, Outlook, tablet app)
  • Use records relationships/connections
  • Run automated workflow
  • Run on-demand workflow
  • Access personal and saved views
  • Search Dynamics 365 (regular and advanced find)
  • Export data to Excel
  • Use mail merge
  • Edit knowledge management
  • Edit interactive service hub and regular dashboards
  • Log time and expenses to a project
  • Edit activity feeds and Yammer integration
  • Use queue items
  • Start dialogs
  • Edit personal information
  • Start personal support chat (portal only)
  • Respond to customer surveys (portal only)
  • Use PowerApps for Team Members

Unified Operations Plan Application

  • Read access to all Dynamics 365 entities
  • Log time and expenses for projects
  • Create requisitions
  • Write access to quality control
  • Write access to service orders
  • Approve invoices
  • Approve time and expenses
  • Use PowerApps for Team Members


Dynamics 365 Business Edition

  • Read access to all entities in Dynamics 365 (available for Business Edition)
  • Update existing data and entries in financials
  • Approve or reject tasks
  • Write access to quotes
  • Write access to requisitions
  • Delete rights to quotes
  • Delete rights to requisitions
  • Create, update, delete personal information
  • Fill in timesheets
  • Use PowerApps for Dynamics 365


Team Members restrictions

Users with Team Members licenses cannot do the following in Dynamics 365:


Customer Engagement Plan Applications

Create or update the following entities:

  • Sales: Leads, Opportunities, Competitors, Products, Price Lists, Territories, Sales Literature, Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Goals, Business Units, Campaigns
  • Customer Service: Cases, Contracts, Contract Templates, SLAs, Entitlements, Facilities, Equipment, Services, Resources, Work Hours
  • Field Service: Work Orders, Scheduling, Schedule Board, Service Agreements, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Customer Assets, Inventory, Repair and Returns, Resources
  • Project Service Automation: Projects, Resource Availability, Project Price Lists, Project Contracts, Project Invoices, Services, Resources, Competencies


Unified Operations Plan Application

Team Members users cannot:

  • Respond to Human Resource inquiries
  • Respond to Payroll inquiries
  • Respond to recruiting inquiries
  • Manage costs
  • Set the accounting strategy
  • Manage BOM Structures
  • Maintain Master Data
  • Manage and plan production


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Price difference

1. Dynamics 365 Plan

Get full use of all applications in one comprehensive, cost-efficient option.

Full User

$210 per user per month

Team Members

$8 per user per month

2. Unified Operations Plan

Get full use of applications that help connect and manage your business operations.

Full User

$190 per user per month

Team Members

$8 per user per month

3. Customer Engagement Plan

Get full use of applications that help build and support customer relationships.

Full User

$115 per user per month

Team Members

$8 per user per month

4. Applications and Offers

Start with what you need and upgrade to plans as your business grows.

Full User

$40 to $170 per user per month

Team Members

$8 per user per month


Benefits of Team Members licenses

  • Price: The price difference between Full Users and Team Members is huge. If some users need light access to data, this solution can save money.
  • Data access: Before the introduction of Team Members licenses, companies did not purchase licenses for light users of Dynamics 365 (Dynamics CRM, AX previously). But with Team Members licenses, there can be read access throughout the organization to view data without issues.


If the goal is to increase Dynamics 365 users across the company, Microsoft is moving in the right direction. Team Members licenses are not replacing Full Users, they’re complementing them and allowing the opportunity for every user in the organization to view data and perform necessary data entry.

By dividing the product into individual apps, and creating different license types and access levels, you can pay for what you need and nothing else.


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Written by Jade Bérubé Morin Content Marketing Specialist @ SherWeb

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