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Did you receive an email from Google telling you that your Google Partner status is at risk? Earlier this year, Google Cloud sent an email to all resellers who don’t meet the credential requirements, advising them to take action in order to maintain their status and benefits.

There are two types of requirements: minimum revenue and number of staff trained for technical and sales. There also benefits associated to the status, such as, discount on pricing, access to consoles, marketing funds, trainings and much more.

Are you willing to invest time and money to keep your Google Partner status? Perhaps this is a good time to reconsider how you resell G Suite.

What’s the Advantage of Reselling G Suite with Sherweb?

When you partner with Sherweb, you get time back to concentrate on your business. By switching your G Suite to Sherweb, you won’t have to spend money and waste time trying to reach Google’s requirements. You won’t need to train your staff to get the certifications, nor chase new customers to desperately get enough licenses to reach your quota. Focus on your core business and let Sherweb take care of all of this.

Learn how to Resell G Suite the Easy Way with Sherweb

What Will Change for Me?

As a Sherweb Partner you manage your customers through our Partner portal; where you can easily create new customers, and instantly provision licenses. You get a single bill for all your customers, and conveniently know exactly what to charge each one.

The down side of not having Google Partner status is that you will no longer have a single console to technically manage all your customers. However, you can easily create an admin user under their tenants to connect as need be; creating these admin accounts won’t require assigning any paid licenses to their account. If you consider all the benefits of switching to us, I’m sure you will agree this is a small inconvenience.

How Do I Transfer My Existing Customers?

Sherweb has built a tool to easily transfer your customers and link them to your Sherweb partner portal account. Our team will provide the procedure to generate the transfer token of your customers, and assist you with this fast process. This transition for your customers is seamless, and won’t impact them in the utilization of their apps.

What are Your Partnership Models and Pricing?

We have three different partnership options, and depending on which model you choose, we offer different discounts and levels of support.

If you are a reseller with Google Partner status, we will match the current discount Google offers. You will be under our White-Label model, which means we are there to support you when you need, but we are invisible to your customers.

If you would rather we were more involved and support your customers directly, we recommend our Co-branded model, and we will offer at no extra cost the mailbox migration to your future customers. Nevertheless, you will get less discount.

To let us take care of the entire customer relationship, simply refer them under the Advisor model, and we will handle mailbox migration, support and billing.

You can be under multiple models, and strategically select the one that best supports your customer’s needs.

Learn more about what we can offer your business by downloading our InfoKit

How Else Can You Help Me?

Joining the Sherweb partner network means you’ll have more time to focus on what you do best: running your cloud business. You’ll have access to a one-stop shop for best-in-class cloud services and products, such as Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, Cloud PBX, Security & Compliance and Online Backup.

You’ll also have access to an entire team of experts who will help you with every step of your projects – from helping you to build a business strategy, developing a solid marketing campaign to handling your clients’ data migration.

Sherweb’s unique partnership approach helps partners to streamline operations and accelerate product launch with little to no investment. Save time and money and watch your business grow. Our expert team will handle the rest.
Did you receive an email from Google telling you that your Google Partner status is at risk? Earlier this year, Google Cloud sent an email to all resellers who don’t meet the credential requirements, advising them to take action in order to maintain their status and benefits.


Written by Cyril Courrée Business Apps Product Manager @ SherWeb

Cyril has more than 10 years of IT experience for multinational companies such as Dell and HP. He has held several roles including Product Manager, Presales Consultant, SysAdmin and Support Engineer. Cyril has a Master’s Degree in IT and holds several certifications in various technologies.