As an MSP, your sole goal is to make your client’s life easier. It sounds simpler than it is. Understanding your client’s needs, providing incredible solutions, and knowing the trend before everyone else makes you a pretty awesome and sought-after MSP. This is because you will always be aware of the next big thing, those up and coming services that could change some entrepreneurs’ life, and those technologies that everybody will want in a year. These are your goals, but also your challenges. Even though many aspire to be those kinds of MSP, only a handful can actually achieve it.


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Why? Because you need the right product when starting a cloud service. In the public cloud, there are not many choices, but it’s quite difficult to make sense of all the analysis that you find online. At first, Amazon AWS seems like the best contender and Google Cloud looks like a risky bet. This is why we are helping you today by giving you the key to becoming the MSP you want to be, by offering you a headache-free public cloud comparison.

When Starting a Cloud Service Should You Resell Amazon AWS?

The first point of the public cloud comparison: Amazon AWS is the oldest public cloud of all three. With many years of experience and big clients like Netflix, it appears to be a pretty interesting cloud when starting a cloud service. From recent studies, it has been the leader on the market, and for many years it was the only option, but things have changed.

Through the public cloud comparison, it is obvious that Amazon AWS was one step ahead of everybody for a long time. Along with its well-known IaaS public cloud and its Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon AWS has a great reputation of working with open-source developers. It’s one of the benefits of the cloud to be able to deploy applications and manage them without the burden of the infrastructure, but it’s also the only one that allows you to do all of this in the language of your choice.

Regarding the technologies, it’s pretty much equal to anything that we see nowadays, but it still features advanced computing technologies, databases and temporary storage, which we like the idea of having when starting a cloud service. Looking deeper into the public cloud comparison of all three, Azure and Google have worked in the last few years to match Amazon AWS. One of them definitely found a way to stand as a serious competitor, and even an equal player. One of them remains far ahead in the competition.

And What About Google Cloud: How is it Ranking in the Public Cloud Comparison?

Through our own research and public cloud comparison, Google Cloud is always in the three top choices, but always the last one in the run when we compare all three with each other. Why is that? We would think that it’s because Google Cloud is new in the game, it will need some time to catch up. This was not the case with Azure, which is approximately as old as Google Cloud. So why is it always last in the public cloud comparison?

First of all, Google Cloud’s computing services (Google Compute Engine) were released in 2013, which makes it the newest service of the three. While AWS was already offering a wide range of services, Google only added some enhancements later on with its load balancing, live migration of VMs, and an extended support for Operating Systems. If you are just starting a cloud service, that may be the kind of thing that will keep you away from Google Cloud.

The Google Cloud platform definitely took some brownie points when it arrived with its temporary storage and persistent disks. By offering both, it offers the ability to really get what you need in terms of storage, because different projects require different options.

It promotes a stress-free environment where you can build, create, deploy, scale up and manage without the hassle of dealing with the infrastructure. But all the clouds in existence today can do that, and even better. We all have to agree that when starting a cloud service, this is a great point.

However, like AWS, Google Cloud doesn’t offer a lot of applications and ready-to-use solutions to support its clients. This places them behind Azure in the public cloud comparison.

So why should you settle for something less interesting?

Because Azure is the Ultimate Solution When Starting a Cloud Service

And the Clear Winner of the Public Cloud Comparison, Starting as a MSP or not

If you want to stand out and really help the entrepreneurs you work with, you will find that Azure is the ultimate cloud platform in the grand public cloud comparison. It was designed to support the creators, letting them work their magic without worrying about infrastructure or even the tools they will need to use. Pretty neat for a young cloud service, right?

Azure offers not only an amazing computing service, storage options, and big data analytic solutions, but it’s also a leading cloud that innovates every day and keeps surpassing everybody’s expectations whenever analysed in a public cloud comparison. Many have praised AWS in the past, but it’s now Azure that is shining on every front of the many public cloud comparisons with its innovation.

How? That answer is simple. By offering a wide range of applications that help you create, deploy, and manage your project with the technology you want. With so much help in your daily life, thorough services that are ready-to-use, your clients get all the tools at their fingertips to succeed, achieving all their goals. Isn’t that what any MSP wants for their clients?

On top of that, you will find that it’s incredibly easy to on-board Microsoft users, which most big enterprises are, but it’s also more interesting for them with the credit program from Microsoft. Microsoft users are a lucrative and always expanding market for you, but you can also turn yourself toward small business owners who will love the fact that they can work with the open-source technology of their choice.

And all those clients will be surprised to learn that Azure is the only cloud in this public cloud comparison that is providing hybrid cloud solutions to help reduce costs and increase security. Even with the highest performing and consistent cloud platform, some businesses just need more customizable services, and Azure can offer what you need and so much more.

So, I think the choice is pretty clear when it comes to making your client’s life easier as an MSP starting a cloud service. With amazing support, leading technologies, and innovative services, there is clearly a public cloud that stands out in the comparison. On top of it, Sherweb can offer you a White Label partnership which could help you launch your business in unexplored ways, so you can better support your clients. It’s the kind of situation where there are really no downsides. Ready to make the move? Learn all about the White Label opportunity right here.

Written by Jade Bérubé Morin Content Marketing Specialist @ SherWeb

Jade is a Content Marketing specialist with an unbridled passion for her work. She graduated from l’Université de Sherbrooke in Communications and has worked as a Communications Advisor for marketing agencies and private companies for the last 5 years. When she’s not pouring over the latest marketing trends, Jade can be found honing her grand jeté in ballet class. She has studied ballet for more than 20 years.