Recent statistics show that IT professionals across a number of industries are housing their data and business applications in the cloud. Microsoft is revolutionizing this need by offering a complete, intelligent solution that gives organizations the mobility, security, and productivity they need to thrive. That’s why 80% of Fortune 500 companies are currently operating on Microsoft’s cloud. Microsoft 365 is modernizing both small and enterprise-size workplaces with its Business and Enterprise solutions.

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Create Added Mobility with Device Management

Working from a desktop is no longer the only option. In an increasingly mobile workforce, employees want to be able to securely access their applications from anywhere. Microsoft 365 gives them that opportunity through its bring-your-own-device (BYOD) support.

Remote workers don’t commute into a traditional office everyday; instead, they’re working out of their home offices, coffee shops, co-work spaces, and many other corners of the world. With this workforce, it’s important to know how, when, and where a device is being used to ensure that your company’s data remains in the right hands. Giving IT a central management console for all of these devices is critical. With Microsoft 365’s device management console, employees are able to setup security features on their PCs or iOS/Android mobile devices.

Additionally, each Windows 10 device is eligible for automatic updates, whether in the office or on the go. This allows your organization to remain secure as new vulnerabilities are identified and quickly patched. When your IT department no longer has to install the latest updates manually, your employees get to enjoy greater peace of mind and flexibility. In turn, your IT department is freed up to work on more pressing tasks.

Increase Data Security with Compliance and Targeted Accessibility

According to the Computer Business Review, in the first six months of 2018, more than 25 million records were lost or stolen a day. The industry holding the highest percentage of breaches was healthcare at 27%.

Microsoft 365 creates a holistic security strategy by offering solutions for third-party anti-spam, encryption, device management, and other solutions.

Luckily, Microsoft takes security seriously. That’s why the company invests over $1 billion annually in protective measures. Microsoft 365 creates a holistic security strategy by offering solutions for third-party anti-spam, encryption, device management, and other solutions.

From securing access to important company information to defending your company from global cyber attacks and ensuring compliance, there’s an app for every need in Microsoft’s cloud. The Enterprise solution utilizes Azure Active Directory and Conditional Access to protect user identities and create boundaries of access. If it’s not something a user should see, they simply won’t be able to access it in the first place.

Identity and Access Management and Multi-factor Authentication make it easier for users to verify their credentials once per session. These features can be used to monitor any unusual login activity to minimize the odds of a user identity being compromised.

Lastly, for industries like healthcare that face a number of compliance requirements, Microsoft 365 Enterprise comes with built-in compliance solutions. Its comprehensive compliance offerings cover global, government, industry, and regional scopes to make sure you’re covered.

Microsoft 365 gives businesses a more mobile and secure environment so your employees can focus on excelling at their jobs.

A More Productive Work Environment for Everyone

Opening up opportunities for collaboration within a company is one of the pain points that Microsoft 365 is geared to solve. With Office products such as Teams, Stream, and Yammer, users can host online meetings and video calls, chat with teammates on the go, and share information with SharePoint.

There’s also a host of products that assist users in managing their workload. PowerApps and Flows bring the power of automation to the workplace by simplifying business processes and allowing your employees to work more productively.

AI is becoming increasing popular across different industries. Using data to drive business decisions also becomes easier with Microsoft 365. Power BI, Excel, and Visio help create actionable insights gathered from company data. All of this, along with increased security measures and mobility, makes Microsoft 365 an essential tool for any modern workforce.

Save Time, Money, and Resources with the Microsoft 365

The vast majority of companies are adopting a subscription-based model for the applications they use. A 2018 McAfee survey titled Navigating a Cloud Sky found that 97% of organizations use a cloud service in the form of public, private, or hybrid.

Cloud solutions like Microsoft 365 save corporations time, money, and resources by reducing hardware and administrative costs, as well as eliminating a string of third-party solutions. Overall, this amounts to a reduction in total cost of ownership of roughly 10%.

Deploying cloud solutions also allows an organization to streamline its processes, as seen with Microsoft 365’s collaboration and automation capabilities. The beauty of a cloud subscription service is that you pay for what you use and can change your plan whenever you want, within reason. The new charges are just rolled into the next billing cycle. With on-premise licenses, this isn’t possible until the end of the contract. Microsoft is so confident that it can save organizations money that it created an ROI calculator. Check it out!

Microsoft 365 is a perfect, scalable software-as-a-service bundle for organizations looking to modernize their workforce by giving users access to their business anywhere. This solution improves security and enables compliance, reduces costs by simplifying IT management, and creates a collaborative work environment for small businesses and large corporations alike. If you would like to learn more on how Microsoft 365 can help your business, contact us today.

Written by Mathieu Pipe-Rondeau Marketing Communications Specialist @ Sherweb

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