One of the biggest concerns you might have today is the security of your files. If there is a security breach, will you have a back-up and, if yes, at what cost? What if you are targeted by ransomware?

Here are some interesting stats about cybersecurity and threats that you might want to know about:

This being said, security is a huge concern for almost all companies. However, if you’re a small business, you might not have a budget of millions of dollars to invest in security like the major Fortune 500 companies do. What if you can have security included in the price of a single Office 365 license?

All of the services provided in Office 365 include security. The following are features that will give you the reassurance you need to make sure your business continues operating without hiccups.

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OneDrive for Business is the Answer for Data Security in Three Ways

1) The Microsoft Red Team and Blue Team

The Red Team and Blue Team are dedicated teams within Microsoft that battle it out on the cyber turf. One team is continually attacking the internal environment, while the other defends. This makes sure Office 365 remains at the leading edge when it comes to cyber defenses.


2) The Security Score

Another new feature added recently is the Secure Score, which grades how secure your Office 365 environment is: from data stored, devices connected, or internal policies. There is also a Score Analyzer, which pinpoints areas that are lacking and provides suggestions for improvement. Always try to keep this one activated for maximum efficiency.


3) The Admin Portal

OneDrive for Business focuses on the data itself and, in particular, security. As you might already know, the service allows storage of up to 1 TB of files in the Cloud. It comes with integration with other Office 365 applications, such as Delve, Analytics, and a new OneDrive Admin Portal to make sure you, as admin, have control over what your users share and with whom.

Some key features of the admin portal that helps with your security improvement plan:

  • Users are allowed to share content with external users (including anonymous users).
  • If the link provided to external users expires after some time, it allows you to avoid access points to your files which may be forgotten.
  • It allows you control: only domain-joined devices are able to sync files (this prevents external non-protected devices having access to your Cloud storage).
  • Syncing specific file types can be blocked (for example if your company doesn’t store *.exe files, it’s better to prevent malicious content being uploaded by the users unintentionally.
  • It provides auditing tools to check what was accessed, deleted, or shared.


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How does it protect against ransomware?

Office 365 can provide the security that only big companies can afford. You have options to control and audit the data that you stored in Cloud. Now let me tie all of this together and  give you some practical examples of how ransomware attacks can be mitigated using OneDrive for Business.

Most ransomware attacks change your items or encrypt them, and you can only recover them if you have the key that is provided by the attackers after you pay them. OneDrive for Business allows you to actually restore the version of the files that existed before the attack; it is like it never happened.

Suppose you have too many files to do this one by one – no problem. Within a 14-day timeframe, you can restore an entire collection. We use this term because OneDrive for Business stores on the backend on a SharePoint Collection. When we talk about restoring the collection, it is the space that was allocated to that affected user, and  you can restore their entire content.

If all of that doesn’t convince you, the greatest thing about using Cloud is that it’s continually improving and evolving. On the Roadmap, one of the new features that will be added by Microsoft is Smart Data Loss Prevention Policy Recommendations. If you’re storing sensitive data in OneDrive for Business, you will receive notifications about what actions should be taken to have strict access and sharing policies.


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What if you use a public network?

The last aspect I want to address is the question: How secure is my connection? You can have good protection on your local device, good protection in Cloud, but what happens in between? Without delving too deeply into the technical details, the connection is encrypted via TLS and also something called PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy). To complete the trinity, we have RSA based 2,048-bit encryption key lengths.

Here is the best part about using Office 365: if you decide to go with the deployment of the product or have a migration coming up and you need assistance, you can use their Fast Track Services free of charge.


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Written by Sadissa Babeni Marketing Content Writer @ SherWeb

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