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You know how Microsoft Office works. You’re aware of its value and how you can make it work for businesses run by you and your clients. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or a Value Added Reseller (VAR), you know that high demand software like the Office suite is a must. Most of your potential clients use one version or another of Word and Excel, so you’re already in familiar territory. To thrive, you only have to show potential leads the value of buying the software through your business, instead of buying it in a box.

SherWeb makes Office 365 easy so you can focus on your business!

The reselling part isn’t always easy, but it’s yours to manage. To make sure you’re as free as you’d like to be, it’s important you choose the right provider. If you’re currently reselling and purchasing your Office 365 seats through the Advisor program, you might want to think about what will happen when those seats are up for renewal!

Under one roof

We’re pretty sure you don’t like the idea of sending your leads to another provider. But that’s what you end up doing under Microsoft’s Advisor program. You get a lead, ask the client to purchase the product directly from Microsoft and bingo, the money’s in your pocket! Not bad, you say, but as an MSP, it might seem counterintuitive to you. Did you know there are other solutions? That’s right. With the Cloud Solution Provider program, (shortened to CSP), you can still sell the product and get the same leads. But instead of sending your clients a link to another shop, you keep everything under your own roof! Partners under the CSP program can package their offers any way they like. This means you can package Microsoft’s Office 365 Suite with your current offers. By signing up with an Office 365 distributor like SherWeb, you can add even more value by creating bundles that include other cloud services such as IaaS, DBaaS, Compliance and Security or even Online Backup.

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Gain the client’s trust

Not only does reselling Office 365 directly increase your margins (after all, being involved in the whole sale instead of just the incentive from Microsoft IS a win!), the CSP program also allows you to partner up and increase the services you sell. The CSP program gives partners the right to own the complete customer lifecycle through direct billing, provisioning, management, and support. It helps your business succeed in a cloud-first, mobile-first world.

By establishing yourself not only as a service provider, but as the one-stop IT shop for your clients, you become their main resource for everything IT. Forget about sending them to Microsoft for all their software needs. Cross-selling and upselling to them will be a lot easier because you’ve already gained their trust.

So when are those Office 365 seats up for renewal? Do you need more information about migration or would you like to compare different partner programs? Download our white paper and read about the 6 main differences between Microsoft’s partner program and SherWeb’s own Partners First.

SherWeb or Microsoft for O365?

Written by Mathieu Leblanc Business Development and Partner Network Director @ Sherweb

Mathieu Leblanc is Sherweb's Partner Network Director. His extensive experience in the field helps him pinpoint upcoming trends that matter to MSPs and IT consultants.