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Modern enterprises rely heavily on their IT infrastructures to gain an edge over the competition. This dictates that modern organizations be highly efficient with improving productivity and scaling their operations, which can be a challenging task.

Here at Sherweb, we have a range of integrated solutions that allow our partners to offer top-of-the-line IT-based services to their clients. The latest integration with Kaseya is a perfect example of how service providers can benefit from our partner portal.


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Sherweb’s Kaseya integration

Enterprises need to focus on strategy, production, logistics, and other core aspects of their businesses, which is why they must streamline redundant administrative tasks. This allows them to work on the revenue-generating aspects of their business.

This is where Sherweb’s Kaseya integration comes in.

Our Kaseya integration primarily enables businesses to streamline financial transactions of their clients, which can help them elevate the overall efficiency of the organization by syncing prices and offers in a unified portal.

The purpose of this integration is to keep businesses from wasting time, effort, and money on repetitive financial tasks like billing, by replacing them with automated solutions. It keeps their focus fixed on the more crucial functions as our smart tools streamline financial activities.

Kaseya integration


How will Sherweb’s Kaseya integration help our partners?

Our partners deal with several clients at a time, each following a different billing cycle. Service providers must generate invoices several times throughout a billing period – taking much time and exhausting valuable resources.

With our Kaseya integration, service providers will no longer have to worry about the billing schedules of different clients as our automated solutions ensure accurate and timely generation of invoices.

Here are other ways Sherweb’s partners can benefit from our Kaseya integration.


One-time set up

Automating billing tasks can be tedious since clients often alter their packages depending on their needs for cloud operations. Furthermore, customers may purchase additional products or services, which can further complicate billing.

Providers can overcome these hurdles by using the Sherweb Kaseya integration since it allows our partners to map out the entire billing process in minutes.

This enables them to transition into automated billing with ease. Kaseya ensures each bill is generated at its due time based on the services used and products purchased during the billing period.


Seamless integration

Sherweb offers several cloud-based solutions to SMBs, and Kaseya allows them to expand on these services.

Our partners can now use this integration to offer synced services to their clients.

This allows our clients to simplify complex billing processes, manage IT-related processes, monitor network, and devices, and do much more from a single panel, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of work.


Managed IT processes

Dealing with large chunks of information can become a tedious task if handled manually.

Our seamless integration with Kaseya allows service providers to automate the flow of information, which translates into a secure and reliable solution for the business.

Furthermore, it allows our partners identify potential billing errors automatically, which can be solved with the tools provided in the integrated dashboard. The software also highlights potential threats so the issues can be fixed on time.


Extended reach

Our integration with Kaseya lets our partners monitor broadly distributed environments by connecting to user devices using any browser at any location.

This is due to Kaseya’s remote management capabilities, easily accessible through the Sherweb portal.


Focus on critical projects

Working on projects designed for expansion requires an undivided focus of expert technicians. With the growing competition in the cloud services arena, SMBs don’t have the leverage to waste its most valuable resources on non-revenue-generating tasks.

This is another area where Sherweb’s integration with Kaseya can assist our partners, allowing them to continue working on critical projects while automating administrative tasks. Kaseya also handles maintenance, which further reduces the requirement of IT staff in generic areas.


If you want to learn more about how we simplify business for our partners, download our infokit or contact us to take your business to the next level.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb

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