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As you’re probably aware, more and more VARs are heading down the MSP trail. If you’re thinking about making a switch, remember this. As you focus more on network maintenance, hardware repair, help-desk support and other administrator tasks, you can still keep your VAR business going. You can even package some third-party software to your network maintenance and increase your service offer.

If you’re a Managed Service Provider or a Value Added Reseller, your main goal is to get more clients and boost your revenue. After all, that’s how you make your living. Yes, the demand is high, but there’s a lot of competition out there. As the demand for cloud services grows, more and more people like you are getting into the game. How can you stand out? What can you offer that will make clients more interested in talking to you instead of the other guy?

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As you know, all cloud resellers have two main goals:

  1. Make their customers happy
  2. Generate revenue

One-stop shop for happier customers

That’s pretty basic stuff. But if you want to be more successful, you have to go beyond that.

Let’s face it. Most small business owners are very busy and would rather deal with one sole provider for their IT needs. They don’t want to agonize over which provider is best at doing what. You have to make it easy for them which brings us back to point one: make your clients happier. Give them an entire portfolio of services as a one-stop shop.

That’s easy to say, but how do you do it? There are plenty of vendors out there offering partner programs with tons of different features. But will they all give you the control you need to establish yourself as the go-to person for all things IT? Probably not.

By forming alliances with trusted providers, you can make sure you’re giving the best services, without sacrificing too much of your own time. Choose a partner that allows you to resell brand names, but with better service. If you’ve ever had to deal with major players on your own, you know how impersonal and tedious it can be. Gold partners and other smaller, but proven, partners can still offer you great value. They also give more personalized service. These providers can take the time to offer a free demo or get rid of migration fees, simply because they understand your needs. By making everything easier on yourself, you simplify your selling process and can spend more time making sure your clients are happy.

Office 365 is hot – profit from it!

By adding services like Office 365 to your packages, you can establish yourself as a one stop shop and a thought leader for everything IT. Your clients get everything they need from you. In the end, you’re both happier.

Since Microsoft launched it in 2011, Office 365 has become the hottest product on the market. At last count, there were more than 12.4 million subscribers. That’s a lot of consumers and small business owners who are looking for an easier way to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint from their laptop or mobile device. By jumping on that bandwagon and adding more to your MSP solutions, like resell Office 365, you might be able to keep clients that could have strayed to the competition. Because you can now say “Yes” to more of your client’s needs, you’re also able to generate more revenue!

There’s a new and easy way to resell Office 365: the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. All you have to do is become a partner and start building your own offering .

And now, because you’re focusing on your client’s IT needs (from hardware to admin all the way to software), you won’t have to worry about them calling your competitors. In the long run, you’ll make more money and provide more services with less effort.

Flexible Office 365 reseller programs

We get it. Choosing a partner program is tough. How do you decide? It depends on what kind of business you want. Most providers have three options: White-label, Co-branded and Advisor.

Feel like running your own show? Go white-label. Many MSPs and VARs say this is the best of both worlds. You keep everything under your own name, sell it at the price you want and keep all the profits. Maybe you’re short on time or you might run a marketing agency that has to provide IT to its clients, but would rather not. If that’s the case, become an Advisor. You’ll be paid a commission for the clients you send and you won’t have anything else to do. That’s a nice, painless way to add revenue to your wallet!


Wondering which partner program to choose? SherWeb has one of the best programs in the industry. We’re a Gold Microsoft Partner and because of our relationship with them, we can cut through all the red tape. We have access to all sorts of benefits that you wouldn’t necessarily have with another vendor. Download our White Paper on our current reseller’s experience to know more about our partner program . You’ll see that our legendary support is part of what makes our partners (and their clients) happier than others.

Written by Mathieu Leblanc Business Development and Partner Network Director @ Sherweb

Mathieu Leblanc is Sherweb's Partner Network Director. His extensive experience in the field helps him pinpoint upcoming trends that matter to MSPs and IT consultants.