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When you’re running a one-man IT consulting company, every minute counts! You can’t afford to waste time ordering new hardware or running to customer sites in the middle of the night. This was Taylor Maneri’s story and after four years of running solo, he felt it was time to change his game. Read on to see this MSP success story unravel.

Maneri is the President of Axon Consulting Services, a company he runs out of Haledon, New Jersey. He’d been selling on-premises servers and solutions to his clients and was looking for a better way to do business. He tried becoming a direct Microsoft partner, but found the whole process too frustrating. So he decided to go indirect with Sherweb, a Microsoft-certified partner.

When Disaster Strikes, A MSP Success Story Unfolds

Maneri, who services about 25 clients in New Jersey and New York, began reselling Office 365 and started migrating some customers to the cloud.

It wasn’t until one of his client’s building was struck by lightning and their servers crashed that Maneri discovered the benefits of working with a full-fledged cloud provider. The client had one physical server on-premises running Citrix XenServer. He also had two virtual machines, one domain controller and one remote desktop server. Maneri had been trying to convince this client to move to the cloud and it was this incident that finally clinched the deal.

“Their network server card died, six of their thin clients died, their printer died. They lost a bunch of hardware and about two days’ worth of work. Finally, they understood what I’d been trying to tell them.”

Moving Safely from On-Prem to the Cloud in Just 4 Days

Once he was able to bring the on-site environment back up, Maneri sent an email to one of Sherweb’s support technicians. Even though it was 8 p.m., he was relieved when he got an answer right away. The technician provided him with cloud servers so he could migrate his customer away from their on-premises configuration and over to the cloud. Typically, the process for provisioning new servers in the cloud and establishing the VPN can take about a week, but Sherweb’s cloud support team was able to implement the cloud servers, migrate the data and proceed with the final launch within 4 short days. Maneri, with the Sherweb team by his side, migrated the customer to the cloud the following weekend to eliminate as much downtime as possible.

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For Maneri, being a Sherweb partner means he has a committed team of experts by his side to help with both the day-to-day and the oddest disasters.

“I’m making more money to support servers and I don’t have to manage hardware. Instead of spending my time supporting customers on-site, I can sit in my office and do it from here. I actually feel like I have employees now without having to pay employees. I have individuals to help me reach my goal, which is to move all clients to the cloud so I can work from anywhere.

This is just one MSP success story. There are many predicaments in which a client and MSP can find themselves. Being prepared for the worst and taking preventative measures is always a good strategy for a happy ending.

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Written by Anne-Marie Gauthier Content Specialist @ SherWeb