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You’re interested in reselling Office 365 and you’re looking for a cloud vendor to work with. That shouldn’t be difficult. After all, Office 365 has become so popular, there are a lot of partner programs out there, some more popular than others. You’ll need to find one that suits your needs. And you want to make sure that it’s user-friendly. After all, the whole idea of moving to the cloud is to simplify things, right? We thought so, too. Not all cloud vendors are created equal. Just because you’re dealing with a huge company doesn’t mean you’ll have an easy ride. To help you make the right decision about choosing a cloud vendor to resell Office 365, we thought we’d take a closer look at how services are handled by Microsoft partner support and SherWeb’s, two major players.

Want more information on what a partnership with SherWeb looks like? Check out our InfoKit.

If you’re a reseller, it’s important that you trust your provider. You want to be paid when you make a sale and you want to make sure that you and your customers receive the technical support you deserve. After all, this is part of your partner agreement. Let’s say you decide to sign up with Microsoft’s Advisor Program to resell Office 365. Your first step is to make your way through their website to find the Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement. This isn’t as easy as it sounds.


Ready to give up

Resellers have complained that negotiating Microsoft’s partner website is difficult. And even once they have found the agreement and agreed to the terms and conditions, there is no guarantee that they’ve actually joined the program. In a recent blog, TechNet tried to demystify the process with specific instructions and screen shots, but resellers were still confused.

Here’s what one person had to say: “I have spent about 10 hours reading and searching the Microsoft Partner Portal and I cannot figure out how I can actually sell any cloud services to a customer. I have been to my cloud admin panel and it just shows that I have 0 of everything. How do I sell to a customer? I have several customers who are patiently waiting for me to sell to them and I can’t figure out how. I’m about ready to give up and sell them someone else’s hosted solutions.”


Selling Office 365 with the right tool

Partners who want to resell Office 365 with SherWeb will find the whole process a lot easier. It takes just minutes to register for a partner program on our website. After joining, you just log into our customized partner portal, called Cumulus, and you’re ready to sell.

Cumulus operates with a single sign-on, which means partners can manage all their accounts, as well as their own data, from one place. No need to create new passwords for each organization or to consult separate price lists or control panels for each client. If a partner wants more information about navigating Cumulus, there are plenty of resources in SherWeb’s web-based partner toolbox. The toolbox also includes tools to help you resell the products, including white-label documents and product sheets. If you still need help, our support team is available around the clock to help you get underway. You can talk to a person in under 40 seconds, so no need to search online for help. In a recent telephone survey conducted by SherWeb, partners cited Cumulus as a real boon to their business. Here’s what we heard:

  • “My day-to-day business is a lot easier to manage.”
  • “Accessing the control panel for each organization is easy. You just log in once and I’m able to see all my accounts in one shot. I don’t have multiple dashboards to worry about. I don’t have to remember 50 different passwords. Awesome.”
  • “The whole thing is streamlined and I love it.”


Hard to reach partner support

When you choose a cloud provider for Office 365, you want to be sure you’re getting the best technical support available. If your client needs help on a Sunday morning or even on New Year’s Eve, you want to be sure he can get it. Ever try calling Microsoft partner support? According to a recent report by Consumer Affairs , here’s what happened when a Microsoft customer called technical support.

“I called Microsoft Office tech support twice today. The first time they put me on hold for a very long time and then the phone connection just stopped and we were cut off. The second time, the guy said he would stay on the line with me until I was connected with a technician. The phone rang about 50 times and the guy was not reachable. Then a woman answered, but the phone was still ringing in the background. Then another guy answered and then both the woman and man were not on the line and the line went dead.”

Think it’s an isolated incident? Think again, there are plenty of similar stories around the Web. Although Microsoft offers a great online knowledge base and help site, talking to someone when you need to is pretty difficult. You’ll need to be mostly autonomous to get the help you need.


Call us anytime

On SherWeb’s end? We understand that support is important and with your busy schedule, you might not have the time to search the internet for your answer. SherWeb offers free technical support to all its partners and if you’re an advisor, we also take care of your clients. You and your customers can reach our support team by phone, email or chat, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – for free. SherWeb handles an average of about 3500 support tickets every month and we continue to rank high for the quality of our customer service. Our Net Promoter score is 70+, which is among the highest in the technology industry. The NP score measures customer satisfaction by asking how likely a customer would recommend a company to their friends and colleagues. According to a recent study by Satmetrix, last year’s average NP score in the technology industry was 26. Here’s are some examples what our customers say about us:

“Able to transition, without drama, between chat, email and phone! Most IT companies are so phone-averse, it’s not worth the trouble. With SherWeb, I get helpful and competent service regardless of the platform. What a refreshing difference!”

“The customer service is exceptional!  You can always get a hold of someone quickly.  They are always very competent and extremely kind and patient.  They exceed my expectations. “

“Very good support during migration from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013. Even though I’m located thousands of miles away I had a single engineer that was dealing with my case and that made me feel relaxed and that my case is being taken care of.”

“Your migration plan was flawless. The support was outstanding, even on a Saturday! »

Want to know more about how SherWeb compares to Microsoft partner support before you choose a cloud provider to resell Office 365? Download our free comparative sheet below.

SherWeb or Microsoft for O365?

Written by Mathieu Leblanc Business Development and Partner Network Director @ Sherweb

Mathieu Leblanc is Sherweb's Partner Network Director. His extensive experience in the field helps him pinpoint upcoming trends that matter to MSPs and IT consultants.