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You’ve heard us talk about the merits of a solid partner program when it comes to reselling cloud servers and cloud databases. You’ve done your research and you’re starting to build a list of potential partners you’d like to work with. Have you heard of Partners First, Sherweb’s partner program? Download our Partners Infokit here.


How Partners First will help you make more money

One of your biggest keys to success as a cloud server reseller is the amount of profits you can make. In a previous blog, we talked about the way some providers try to lure you in with promises of 20% profit margins. It might sound good at first, but once you read the fine print you might not be so enthusiastic. For example, you might find that you’d have to generate a monthly recurring revenue of $100,000 just to get that 20%! Our Partners First program tells it like it is. When we offer you margins of up to 45%, there won’t be any strings attached. Signing up to our programs is free and there are no obligations or commitments. We’ll even give you additional performance discounts that can range from 5% to 20% on all recurring services. And, if you’re a reseller in our Advisor program, you can earn a one-time commission of 150% just by referring clients for cloud solutions. We’ll also give you a 7% monthly commission for the life of the product line. Our product portfolio allows you to offer more services to your customer base. That way, you can become a one-stop shop and package more services around new products, like Database-as-a-Service, or even virtual machine backup & disaster recovery (Veeam Cloud Connect).


We’ll show you the best way to resell cloud servers

How much help can you expect from your provider once you’ve signed the contract? It depends on who you’re dealing with. Some cloud providers limit their training and workshops to the bigger resellers who have larger sales volumes. With our Partners First program, all partners are treated equally. Everyone who signs up for the program is eligible for training from specialists who will teach you about Sherweb’s products and solutions. You’re also assigned a Business Specialist from the start, whose purpose is to increase your monthly recurring revenue and make you successful! You don’t have to worry about hiring new staff, planning training sessions or building sales collaterals. Do you have questions about cloud server pricing? We have dedicated consultants who can show you how to start profiting from reselling cloud servers. Not sure what kind of reseller model suits you best? Take a look at our three partner programs. They’re designed to give you as much or as little control as you want over the customer relationships and offers. You won’t get this kind of service or flexibility from all cloud hosting providers.


We don’t skimp on hardware

When it comes to hardware, cutting corners just won’t work. We’ve already told you how important it is to ask questions about the kind of architecture and hardware your partner uses to build his solutions. After all, their IT reflects the service you’ll be offering, so avoid providers who are being deliberately vague when talking about their hardware. If your cloud provider is being tight-lipped, there’s probably a reason. On our side of the fence? Sherweb has no secrets. We use enterprise-grade All-Flash SSD Compellent storage from DELL in all our solutions, as well as Intel CPUs, enterprise-grade core router from CISCO and other components from well-known brands. What about other cloud providers, you ask? You might be surprised to learn that Rackspace, Amazon Web Services and even Softlayer only use All-Flash on their more expensive solutions. Dig deep and find out what’s under the hood. When you join a partner program, you have to feel confident that your cloud server provider is using the right equipment to provide the best services for you and your customers.


Meet the best experts in the industry

If your cloud provider is using top-of-the-line hardware, he should have specialists on staff who are certified to build and manage his infrastructure. Depending on what your partner sells, his staff should be certified in programs offered by Google, Microsoft, IBM or even VMWare. At Sherweb, our specialists are certified for all the technology they use. Many of our specialists hold certifications from Microsoft and have gone through rigorous training to get them. We also hold SOC2 Type II certification which means we’ve developed a series of procedures and protocols to ensure your client’s data and services are secure and available. As a member of our Partners First program, you can be assured that the IT staff building and supporting our solutions have the skills required to implement and maintain the best cloud servers on the market.


Redundancy that kicks in when everything else goes down

Like it or not, systems crash and when this happens, your client has no data, servers or website. We’ve told you to look for a cloud hosting provider with a redundant infrastructure that will guarantee your clients’ computing power, storage and applications are always available. Sherweb offers its clients an N+2 redundancy. This means we have the equivalent of two backup servers in case of failure. You can assure your clients that their normal operations won’t be affected, no matter what happens. Some providers, or in-house solutions, offer 98.0% of availability, which equals about 14.4 hours of allowed downtime per month! That’s a long time without service… 7.30 days a year to be exact. On the other hand, Sherweb offers 99.999% availability, which guarantees our clients will have less than 25.9 seconds of downtime per month. How does that look on a yearly scale? Well, it’s only 5.26 minutes. Try finding this kind of high availability from other providers, and you’ll be faced with companies like Amazon Web Services and Rackspace. They also offer a good high availability !


We offer the best cloud support

It’s 7:00 on a Sunday morning and you or your client need technical support. Can your cloud server partner provide the help you need? A lot of popular companies offer a great online knowledge base and help site, but when it comes to finding a real person on the phone, it’s another story. Sherweb understands that support is important and with your busy schedule, you might not have the time to search the internet for an answer. That’s why we offer free support 24/7/365 by phone, email or chat. Support is important to us, and we pride ourselves on being available. We’re there for you and if you’re a Co-branded or Advisor partner, we’re happy to help your clients, too.  Our White-label partners usually prefer to support their end clients themselves, but if you ever need help, you can call us at any time.

Our support team is based in North America and we’ll serve you in both English and French. And we offer support for every client, not just the managed services accounts. If you’ve ever tried calling Microsoft partner support, you might be in for a long wait. According to a recent report by Consumer Affairs, one client who called Microsoft support listened to the phone ring 50 times before he decided to hang up. On the other hand, Sherweb answers the phone within 40 seconds. We handle about 3500 support tickets every month and we continue to rank high for our Net Promoter score, a number that measures the quality of our customer service. Our current NP score is 70+, which is among the highest in the technology industry.


We’ll migrate your customer’s data for free

Not all partners have the skills or equipment to handle data migration. As we’ve already mentioned, it’s important to find a cloud provider who will help you. Sherweb has a dedicated team of migration experts that will guarantee worry-free migration and onboarding as part of the Partners First program. Our experts have migrated more than 50,000 organizations to various environments in the last 15 years. This means we can migrate data from any dedicated servers, windows cloud servers or any cloud provider or on-premises solutions. It’s a simple six-step process that includes planning sessions with our cloud solutions architects, the actual data transfer followed by network and software configurations. Other providers may offer data migration, but they’ll charge you for it. Because Sherweb offers you and your clients free migration, you can also make higher margins on migrating your clients’ data. We don’t charge a fee, but you can.


Your one-stop shop for all cloud services

Let’s face it. Most small business owners are very busy and would rather deal with one sole provider for their IT needs. They don’t want to agonize over which provider is best at doing what, who offers which services and who can help them best at which point. Make it easy for them. Offer them an entire portfolio of services as a one-stop shop. By joining our Partners First program, you can offer our entire range of products which include Infrastructure-as-a-Service (cloud servers, cloud databases), Online Backup solutions, Office 365, Hosted Exchange, SharePoint and more.

When it comes to reselling the best cloud servers on the market, Sherweb has all the information you need. Download our free ebook and learn how to package, market and sell your offers.


How to start profiting from reselling cloud servers

Written by Mathieu Leblanc Director, Partner Success @ Sherweb

An integral part Sherweb’s expanding partner network, Mathieu implements programs that allow MSPs and resellers with different business models to build a winning cloud strategy. His vision and knowledge of the channel helps Sherweb partners achieve growth and success. Mathieu's efforts have resulted in several award wins and recognitions for Sherweb, such as the Microsoft Global Cloud Partner of the Year Award.