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In-house applications are difficult for small businesses to maintain. Not only are they costly to set up, but they don’t offer the same security, performance or reliability that you can expect from the cloud. A hosted application offers your customers a pay-as-you-go alternative to the thousands of dollars they would normally spend to set up their own IT services.

Sherweb Performance Cloud will provide your customers with an enterprise-class infrastructure that will respond to the many challenges they face with flexibility, scalability and mobility.


Why resell QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a business management software that provides core accounting functions, such as billing and invoicing, fixed assets, reporting, and tax preparation for businesses of all sizes. It is ranked among the top 10 accounting solutions in North America.


Sherweb doesn’t sell QuickBooks, but your customers are using it. If they’re not, they should be. QuickBooks Enterprise, Desktop Pro, Desktop Premier, and Online are all ranked top 10 in the market.

As a reseller, you can benefit from pairing QuickBooks with our Performance Cloud offer to build tailored services for your customers.


Running QuickBooks in-house isn’t easy 

Small businesses face a lot of challenges trying to run QuickBooks in-house. Here’s why:

  1. Client software is installed on company desktops with databases stored on a local disk or an in-house server. This means users working from home or other locations can’t access the application.
  2. The desktop applications cannot be installed on smartphones and tablets.
  3. Even when a company wants to secure its QuickBooks installation, it doesn’t always have the money required to buy a server, back up data, or have the IT staff do software updates on a regular basis. There are also costs involved to physically and digitally protect access to the database.
  4. Organizations are evolving and so are their needs for application functionalities and capacity.

These issues can be solved by running QuickBooks from the cloud. QuickBooks does offer an online version of its accounting software. However, as we explored in a previous blog, this version doesn’t include most of the features found in the full software. Running QuickBooks software on a cloud platform allows you to keep all the features you know plus the same user interface you’ve come to rely on.


Five great reasons to host QuickBooks in Performance Cloud

Switching to the cloud gives your clients unbeatable advantages.

  1. First, they get a top-tier, fully redundant enterprise-grade infrastructure for their applications that is secure, stable, flexible, scalable and reliable. It also includes firewalls, encryption and multi-layer access controls to protect their files. Your clients benefit from free, certified IT expertise and 24/7 technical support that they probably couldn’t afford otherwise.
  2. There is no hardware to buy. Not now, not ever. Virtualization allows organizations to set only the resources (vCPU, RAM, storage and network bandwidth) they need. They can scale their resources up or down, based on their consumption. And they don’t have to worry about yearly contracts. All clients are billed each month for the resources they use.
  3. QuickBooks is installed in Performance Cloud using Remote Desktop Services, a proven Microsoft Windows technology that provides desktop sessions and applications with only one or two virtual machines. It’s a solution for SMBs who want to cut costs on desktops.
  4. The application can be securely accessed from any type of device (smartphone, tablet, PC or MAC) and from anywhere in the world through a simple Internet connection. QuickBooks is made mobile! The application runs in Performance Cloud, so nothing aside from pixels, keystrokes and mouse movements is transferred over the network. You don’t have to upgrade any office or personal Internet connection.
  5. Your customers can continue to use QuickBooks the same way they use it on their desktops. They don’t lose functionalities, which often occurs when organizations switch from Enterprise, Pro or Premier editions to QuickBooks Online.

Performance Cloud is made to support huge workloads so organizations can run their business applications with confidence.


How to position your new QuickBooks offer

By adding a QuickBooks solution to your portfolio, you’ll improve your value as a reseller.

Not only are you adding a top-rated accounting solution to your cloud service portfolio, but you’re also promoting a product that is easy to sell. After all, you now offer a well-known accounting software solution in the cloud! Use this to your advantage when pitching your services to new clients and small businesses that don’t have an accounting software. If they’re currently using Microsoft Excel or other unsophisticated methods for their accounting, you’re halfway to closing the sale! Talk to them about the advantages of a professional, backed-up system that adapts to their business, without complicated formulas. It won’t be long before they see the value of your proposition.

Some of your customers are already using QuickBooks on-premises. This gives you a great opportunity to talk to them about migrating to the cloud! If your clients are already using QuickBooks for their accounting and love it, just keep talking about the benefits of the cloud. The increased security is a selling point in itself!

Intuit’s QuickBooks is the accounting solution that small- and medium-sized businesses trust. The desktop version comes with limitations that can be lifted with Infrastructure as a Service. Sherweb can help you build your own cloud solution based on Performance Cloud and QuickBooks to offer more reliability and flexibility to your customers.


Benefit from world-class accounting solutions powered by the might of the cloud


Intuit and QuickBooks are registered trademarks ofIntuit, Inc. Sherweb is not affiliated with Intuit Inc.

Written by Guillaume Boisvert Director, Product Innovation @ Sherweb

Guillaume identifies and evaluates new solutions and product features that help Sherweb and its partners grow and compete. He’s also in charge of Office Protect, and led the team responsible for building and commercializing Sherweb’s in-house security service. He has almost two decades of experience developing software-as-a-service (SaaS), both as a technical lead and as a product manager.