Tight budgets are forcing SMBs to make some tough choices about their IT spending. They want to buy crucial services for their companies at the lowest possible cost. A lot of their expenses revolve around desktops, laptops and other end-user devices. Because the operating systems and applications they use are demanding more and more performance, it’s easy for them to exhaust the capacity of their workstations and require new hardware.

Hardware virtualization has been an alternative to costly IT infrastructure, allowing the use of one server to provide multiple virtual machines. Application virtualization removes the dependency between an application and the end-user device. It allows a program to be executed directly from a server with only input/output interactions processed on the workstation. These virtualization technologies are at the center of the Windows-based Remote Desktop and RemoteApps scenarios. You can leverage them to offer tailored services for SMBs who want to reduce expenditures on end-user devices.


Remote Desktop and RemoteApps can help your customers save money

First, businesses don’t have to refresh their existing equipment or buy new hardware. Virtual desktops and applications can be executed on powerful cloud servers hosted at SherWeb. All your customer needs to access Remote Desktop Services is a web browser or the Remote Desktop client software installed on their computers. This means an Internet connection and a computer are enough. The customer doesn’t have to upgrade his Internet connection because the solution’s bandwidth consumption is very low.

Second, there is almost no restriction on the type of device the customer can use. Devices running Android, iOS, Mac OS X, and Windows operating systems can execute Remote Desktop and RemoteApps. Remote Desktop Services can also be executed from thin or zero clients. Security is completely handled on the server side where the execution occurs. In this configuration, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and mobility are options that are possible and positive for the organization. Your customers’ employees can work from anywhere in the world, at any time, from their personal computer, tablet and smartphone, or even in your office.

Third, with virtual desktops and applications hosted and executed on a server in the cloud, there is less risk to the organizations when it comes to data loss. A stolen laptop or smartphone is less likely to harm your customer’s business as all data are stored securely with a cloud service provider like SherWeb. In the same vein, Remote Desktop and RemoteApps help organizations reach their business continuity objective. They stay up and running, independent of the end-user device. If a disaster occurs on the customer site, Remote Desktop Services won’t be affected.

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SherWeb’s cloud servers are built for high performance. Our infrastructure is designed for very demanding workloads. Two key elements in the success of cloud servers are consumption-based billing and scalability. This allows organizations to run on minimal requirements. They pay only for what they use and scale up when they need more capacity and performance. This is a decisive argument that will show your customers how Performance Cloud and Remote Desktop / RemoteApps can help them better manage their budgets.

Cloud servers help organizations get to market faster with virtual machines that are ready to use in minutes, compared with long delivery delays for hardware servers. With Remote Desktop, SMBs can benefit from a faster procurement process for desktops, making it possible for consultants and new employees to join the workforce almost immediately. With RemoteApps, temporary or remote users can be given the RemoteApps they need for the time they need them. This is more efficient than being allocated a whole computer to do their work. Your customers will appreciate this flexibility. It’s also a greater opportunity for you to package the solution with other products in your offering. Think about how easy and simple it is to provision virtual machines at SherWeb, and how you can respond to your customers’ needs in the same day.

At SherWeb, we’ve built our reputation on providing the best support in the industry. Our certified engineers can act as solutions architects to advise you and your customers on the best configuration that will fit their needs. Our technical support is available 24/7 all year long and it’s free. This is something your customers will appreciate.


In the end, your customers aren’t just looking for servers; they’re looking for solutions. As a reseller, it’s up to you to know how the technologies you sell can best respond to their needs. Cloud servers offer you an unlimited range of possibilities.

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Written by Guillaume Boisvert Employee @ SherWeb

Guillaume, a SherWeb Product Manager, specializes in cloud and IaaS technologies. Instrumental in commercializing SherWeb’s public and private cloud, Guillaume is currently introducing further IaaS developments to the market. With 14 years of experience on B2B/B2C platforms, Guillaume’s degree is in CIS and has MBA training from McGill University.