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Business transformation is one of just a few trends that will impact organizations for years, and possibly even decades to come. According to ZDNet, 70% of firms either are in the process of digital transformation or have a plan in place to start soon. If you are looking to enhance your reseller business and become a Managed Service Provider (MSP), transformation is a great path for your own transition. If you are already an MSP, the fundamental changes in IT infrastructure offer both the opportunity to increase your sales and build new customer relationships. Successful transformation, however, will depend on cloud managed services.

Providing cloud managed services, such as Office 365, will enable you to tap into this fast-growing market and deliver value-add services. Getting to the cloud is critical for you, not only for the revenue opportunity, but also because legacy IT solution spending will be declining.

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The quickest way to enhance your own cloud service offerings and build deeper relationships with customers is partnering with a cloud provider.

Get your share of cloud – a strategy for both MSP and customer success

Cloud managed services utilize new and different technologies, demand unique skills, and are sold and delivered differently than legacy products. You need to become “cloud smart” fast. With a partner like Sherweb, you can become part of the Office 365 Partner Program quicker than you think!

You don’t want to go with just any cloud partner; it’s vital to look for a cloud provider that has a range of services focused on your business and your customers that help you develop skills for selling and supporting cloud solutions. Becoming your customer’s trusted cloud partner is more than just turning on a cloud service. You want sales, marketing, and support skills that enhance your ability to successfully engage on cloud opportunities and handle every aspect of your client’s cloud needs.

After spending the time to really get to know you, a best-in-class cloud provider will start working with you during the pre-sales and sales process. You need a partner that delivers the specific sales support you need for cloud managed services, not just some cookie-cutter fluff. This gives you the chance to respond to specific customer demands or needs quickly and accurately. Before you know it, you will be their trusted partner for transformation and cloud services.

Providing the best customer support is essential to maintaining your customer’s trust. No customer wants to feel like they are being passed around when a problem arises. This is why Sherweb provides MSPs with “white label” support services. When your customer calls the experts at Sherweb, they’ll answer the phone like they are part of your company. Customers get one-stop support and you make margins on this support offering.

Partnering makes it easy to provide the benefits of cloud transformation to your customers

To be that trusted cloud transformation partner, you need to make sure the customer receives everything they expect from cloud services. When you partner with Sherweb, it’s easy to deliver the key benefits of cloud:

  • Cost reduction – Customers love paying only for what they use. Using the cloud will lower their costs. In addition, they’ll no longer have to make large long-term capital investments in their own hardware and pay for on-going maintenance contracts.
  • Increased agility and speed – Cloud services can be deployed or enhanced with one click. A new service can be used in hours. Your customers can drive their business in real time and meet any competitive threat. Cloud services can be deployed or changed in minutes or hours. New features in cloud managed services are often just a click away.
  • Competitive advantages through technology – Your customers want to use technology to build a competitive edge. With cloud services, they can take advantage of the latest apps or services to win in their marketplace. Becoming a member of the Office 365 Partner Program lets you sell the latest in AI or analytics tools that bring new insights and findings to position your customer for success.

With the right cloud service partner, you will become your customer’s “secret weapon” for digital transformation enabled by managed cloud services. Getting there fast is imperative. With our entire team by your side, we think you could become your customer’s go-to cloud MSP partner in 30 days.

With our services, expertise and proven process all available to you, imagine what the upside of the trend toward digital transformation could be for you. Learn more about what it’s like working with a cloud provider that guarantees your success.

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