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Leading enterprises increasingly are realizing the importance of deploying contemporary IT solutions to sustain their competitive edge in the market.

Automating solutions and streamlining processes are essential for Managed Service Providers that serve different clients with unique requirements – often spending their time doing low-value tasks like billing and invoicing.

That’s why they often ignore or delay critical projects as their workforce is occupied with more and more mundane tasks.

MSPs require top-of-the-line software integrated into their cloud solutions. This is where Sherweb’s partners gain a leading edge by benefiting from our Tigerpaw integration.


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What is Tigerpaw?

Tigerpaw streamlines IT services for businesses and automates them by increasing collaboration, improving cash flow, minimizing costs, and enhancing customer experiences. As a result, they foster healthy relationships with clients while adding efficiency to the workflow.

It allows MSPs to eliminate the piles of paperwork and tedious tasks that only waste time and increase costs. Instead, Tigerpaw’s integration within Sherweb brings MSPs a one-window, easy-to-use solution accessible in a matter of seconds through Sherweb’s portal.


How can MSPs benefit from Tigerpaw?

There are several important tasks that MSPs have to undergo to keep their work operational. However, most of these tasks don’t generate revenue, which means that spending time and effort on them will not scale operations.

Tigerpaw allows MSPs to automate such time-consuming processes so the leadership can focus on critical functions of the business, while Tigerpaw takes care of administrative tasks.

Sherweb’s partners can benefit from Tigerpaw’s integration in several ways:

Managing clients

A significant challenge for MSPs dealing with a large number of clients is to make sure that there are no mistakes while handling critical client information, especially when it comes to billing. Tigerpaw eliminates this risk by allowing service providers to integrate with RMM tools seamlessly.

This integration allows the software to offer access to real-time information about clients, updates, and changes in assets, and then place all the relevant information at the disposal of execs in real-time.

It also provides a holistic view of processes and procedures – this data is useful later to improve customer interactions.

Automating tasks

MSPs have to monitor customer emails and sales pipelines – functions that are easily automated using Tigerpaw. The software allows service providers to generate quotes, access real-time data, and even create service tickets as required without having to allocate personnel for these tasks.

Automation allows MSPs to ensure that their employees are serving the right areas of the business where they can make a significant impact.

Tigerpaw also lets MSPs generate accurate bills and invoices for the services rendered to each client. Since each client is billed at different dates during the month, MSPs don’t have to spend time identifying which client they have to invoice – the entire process is automated and taken care of by the software itself.

Track orders and generate quotes

In addition to taking care of the redundant administrative tasks, Tigerpaw’s integration with Sherweb also allows MSPs to streamline the entire workflow of purchases. MSPs using this software save time and effort by letting the software develop quotes based on customer requirements.

Since the entire process is automated, customers don’t have to wait long before receiving quotes, which helps MSPs build stable and long-lasting relationships with their clientele.

It also keeps MSPs free from the hassle of generating service orders or tracking the response of each customer since service orders are generated automatically by Tigerpaw based on customer emails.

Prioritize Tasks

With countless alternatives available to businesses, MSPs need to make a lasting impression on clients to retain them. Tigerpaw helps them to do that as it enables agenda management in real-time. MSPs can use it to streamline and prioritize tasks, which can be synced between Tigerpaw and Microsoft Exchange.

Since all tasks can be managed in real-time, it allows service providers to schedule appointments and address each client’s needs and requirements without delays, so they can provide improved customer relationship experiences right from the beginning.

Sustain Edge in the Market

While prioritizing tasks does assist in gaining an edge for MSPs, sustaining that advantage can undoubtedly be a challenge. Sherweb partners can place a firm footprint in the market by using its Tigerpaw integration for automation and streamlining work processes.

This software benefits all tiers from the senior management down to tracking and managing technicians, as well as other available resources, enabling the MSP to offer cutting-edge services and solutions to their clients.

By automating mundane tasks like invoicing, making purchase orders, delivering quotes, and generating payrolls, Sherweb’s Tigerpaw integration also allows MSPs to save time and costs, which improves their efficiency and productivity.


Sherweb’s Tigerpaw integration

While Tigerpaw automates workflows and allows MSPs to foster growth and enhance relationships with clients, Sherweb’s partners get to benefit from an additional set of integrated features allowing MSPs to enjoy seamless operations.

Accuracy in Billing

MSPs need to make sure that there is no discrepancy in billing, which can be tricky since service providers are managing multiple clients simultaneously, each using a custom set of services.

This can lead to mistakes that can be costly for MSPs to bear.

Sherweb allows its partners to mitigate this risk by prorating transactions, which reduces the chances of errors while billing. It also builds a customer’s trust in our partner MSPs, allowing them to scale their operations.

Tracking data

Our partners provide a range of different IT-based services to clients, which require them to create multiple contracts, each having unique clauses. We ensure that they can pull up an agreement within a few seconds by saving them in a single dashboard.

By having quick access to each contract, Sherweb’s partner MSPs can make smart and informed business decisions for the expansion of their business.

Our partner MSPs benefit in many ways when working with us. If you wish to attain an edge in the market and continue to scale your IT-operations, Sherweb’s integrations can be an excellent alternative for you.

Find out more about our integrated cloud-based solutions here, or dial 1 (888) 567-6610 to talk to an expert. Our team works 24/7 to serve you at your convenience.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb

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