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A successful Managed Service Provider (MSP) never stops learning. That’s because connecting cloud solutions with people is not an easy job. When it comes to your MSP business, you continuously need to combine education with your long-term goals. Looking for the most relevant MSP resources? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

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We’ve handpicked the best resources to help MSPs like you become better at managed services and make more money:

Level Up Your Cloud Business with the Best MSP Resources

Articles (How-tos, advice, & other listicles)

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    1. 15 Must-Use Features in Office 365

      You could be missing out on awesome Office 365 features that can skyrocket productivity for you and your team. This article shines a spotlight on the great functionalities you should take advantage of, such as:

      • Integrating OneNote and Outlook
      • Turning your mouse into a laser pointer during PowerPoint presentations
      • Turning your Excel data into a 3D interactive map


    1. 5 Easy Ways to Make More Money with Office 365

      If you’re still asking your customers to buy Office 365 directly from Microsoft, you’re leaving money on the table. Fortunately, there’s a better way to resell Office 365. Did you know that Sherweb’s CSP program can boost your margins and provide you with free migration and tech support services? Be ready to start selling in 10 minutes.

      Ready to close more Office 365 deals? We have everything you need to succeed. Find out more here.

    2. Why the MPN ID Is Still Important for CSP Partners

      If you’re reselling Office 365 as a Microsoft Advisor and thinking about transferring your clients to the CSP program, you probably have some questions. You might be wondering whether Microsoft will still recognize your sales for Office 365 when you move from Advisor to CSP. The answer is yes! In this article, you’ll learn how to link your Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) ID to the CSP program.

    3. Why You Should Choose a CSP Partner to Sell Office 365

      There’s no doubt about it: the CSP program makes it easy for you to resell cloud solutions faster. You also get to run your own show and earn higher commissions. But if you’re not meeting your clients’ demands for Office 365, someone else will. How is it different from selling directly with Microsoft, you ask? This article breaks it down for you.

    4. New Tool Helps Microsoft Advisors Switch to CSP

      As you know, Microsoft ended its Advisor commissions in 2016, which forced many resellers to rethink their business strategy for Office 365. But did you know that Sherweb developed a tool that makes it super easy to transfer your Office 365 clients to the CSP program? It’s called the Office 365 Import Tool, and it’s free! This article walks you through the easy four-step process.

    5. How to Boost Your Revenue with Office 365 Migration

      Are you trying to bring new value to your Office 365 clients? Have you thought about offering migration services? After all, your clients need a worry-free way to migrate their data to Office 365, especially email. This three-part blog series outlines a surefire plan for you to manage migration. You’ll take the sting out of your clients’ worries and make more money, too.

      Did you know that Sherweb offers migration to all partners? Visit our partner program minisite to learn more about a partnership that guarantees your success.

    6. Choosing Between OneDrive and OneDrive for Business

      OneDrive for Business offers more advanced features compared to those offered by OneDrive. The difference between the two? OneDrive for Business comes with SharePoint and Office 365.
      Here’s a good resource to help you understand each of these products and how you can profit from Office 365 bundled with OneDrive for Business.

    7. Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Reselling Office 365

      No one would argue that Office 365 is a hot product. But you need to show your clients and prospects that you have added value. After all, you want to stay in their lives for the long haul. This article will show you how you can become more profitable in the cloud market.

      Get access to an ecosystem of free sales and marketing tools, training, and support! Check out Sherweb’s three partnership models specifically designed to bridge your MSP business gaps.


    1. Drive Revenue with Remote Desktop Services

      Watch this 30-minute webinar to learn how you can position your offering around Remote Desktop Services and RemoteApps.

    2. A New Way to Sell Office 365

      Did you know that you can now price Office 365, manage the billing, and completely own the client relationship? Learn more in this webinar.

    3. How Microsoft Advisors Can Double Their Revenue for Office 365

      Sherweb’s CSP program makes it easy for advisors like you to transfer Office 365 clients. This 38-minute video shows you how you can save lots of time and money with the CSP program—and even earn more.

    4. Make Azure Work for Your SMB Clients

      In less than 40 minutes, you’ll learn the best approach to helping your clients get the most out of Azure.

    5. How MSPs Can Boost Revenue with QuickBooks Hosting

      Have you heard of Quickbooks? This hosted solution is used by 80% of small businesses in North America. This 40-minute webinar shows you how you can fit it in your MSP portfolio.

    6. Office 365 Client Import Tool

      This two-minute video explains how to transfer Office 365 subscriptions from other Microsoft reseller programs to CSP. It’s a lot simpler than you think.

    7. Selling Skype for Business with PSTN

      Everything you need to know about how to position Skype for Business with PSTN is covered in this comprehensive 45-minute webinar.

    8. Start Selling Office 365 in 10 Minutes

      We’re not kidding when we say you could be reselling Office 365 services in minutes. This two-minute video shows you how.

Easy Guides

  1. Empowering Small Business with Office 365

    Want to be more productive and collaborate better with your employees? We’ve put together some great insights in this e-book to help you out.

  2. Your Definitive Office 365 Sales Guide

    Here’s a great guide to help you perfect your sales pitch for Office 365. You’ll also find tips on how to respond to the most common client objections.

  3. The Ultimate Office 365 Migration Guide for MSPs

    This guide offers key insights into how MSPs can capitalize on Office 365 migration, different methods to choose for each client, and steps for a fast and easy migration.

  4. How to Profit from Selling Office 365

    Wondering how you can rise above your competition? Develop a solid sales strategy so you can stand out from other Office 365 resellers.

  5. Create Personalized Proposals for Your Office 365 Clients

    We’ve put together a special Quote Builder tool that enables you to send custom quotes to your customers in minutes.

  6. Go to Market Faster

    Ready to sell Microsoft cloud services with your own offerings? As a CSP partner, you own the complete customer sales, from direct billing to provisioning and even management and support.

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Written by Gina Ionta Content Marketing Writer @ Sherweb

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